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Managing and Enforcing Automated DevOps of MQ Environments

Managing and Enforcing Automated DevOps of MQ Environments. Nastel is well known for producing some powerful GUIs (graphical user interfaces) for managing and monitoring IBM MQ but is there still a place for these as the world moves towards DevOps with automated continuous integration and continuous delivery?

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Getting started using Nastel’s MQSpeedtest for IBM MQ

Nastel has a free download available here called AutoPilot MQSpeedtest for IBM MQ. The purpose of the MQSpeedtest utility is to measure various times related to queue manager message flow. Much like traditional sonar technology, this is completed by sending a ping which is picked up by the target and echoed back. By measuring the time spent it can determine various characteristics of the message path. In IBM MQ terms, it sends messages to a listening application which replies with a response to those messages. MQSpeedtest captures various times along the message path as well as the round-trip times.

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