Nastel AutoPilot at Gartner Symposium 2013We had a great time at Gartner Symposium in Orlando last week meeting existing customers and making friends with new ones.  It was especially interesting to hear a set of common themes from the executives we met with.  We heard over and over again the following:

“It is time to move up from our basic application performance monitoring (APM) solution to something more robust that provides greater visibility…”

“We monitor the network and get a rough idea of application availability, but require more detail…”

“We need an end-to-end view of our healthcare claims, order management or supply chain processes”

“Can you tell us that a database problem is causing an application to respond slowly?”

We heard variants of these all week at Gartner Symposium (in addition to how great the weather was…). The good news is that they are all addressable problems (except for the weather…)

Nastel AutoPilot’s strengths are: immediately detecting anomalies, ending false alarms and in monitoring compliance in real-time.  And AutoPilot is often used to replace existing monitoring tools that don’t effectively address the issues above such as at the recent win at a major US Financial Services provider who needed improved root-cause analysis for applications interconnected via WebSphere MQ.  Other clients are using AutoPilot to monitor their claims processing and electronic medical record consolidation efforts.

Take a look at our recent infographic to learn more about the values AutoPilot provides.