Who will watch over your middleware?

Nastel Technologies - 5 Great reasons to switch from BMC to AutoPilot

Recently, BMC one of the “big four” software firms was acquired by a group of investors led by Bain Capital.  This is good news for Bain as they generally make a lot of money from their purchases before they divest what is unprofitable and milk whatever they can from those stuck with one of their products.  But, is it good news for you?

I doubt it.  The acquisition by a private equity firm is unlikely to be a permanent state. It could lead to a company breakup with the parts auctioned off to separate owners.  But, it’s more likely that Bain intends to ‘flip’ BMC.

In the real estate market when someone buys a house, makes some changes and resells the house for a profit, they call it a “flip”.  They improve the curb appeal, add a little paint, fix a leaky pipe, get rid of excess furniture and return the house to a sellable condition.  Anything that prevents a future sale is removed or fixed. Money is spent, but not a cent is invested if it won’t repay short-term dividends.

It’s a similar situation when you flip a software company. You trim the fat by removing redundant or overlapping product lines and “end-of-life” the products that aren’t profitable.  You never invest money in innovation for the long term. This makes for a leaner company – one that is more profitable for the next investor.

No one outside of Bain Capital knows which products will stay and which will go. If you rely on BMC middleware monitoring and management products to ensure availability of your key applications, you need to think about what this means to you. It will take Bain many months to figure out if the products you rely on will be killed off.  In the meantime, you can be pretty sure there won’t be any significant investment. And when they flip BMC, it will take many more months before the new owners make their strategy clear.

Do you need to take that risk? A safer bet is Nastel AutoPilot@. Still, we know it’s a pain to switch your middleware monitoring solution, so consider this as well. Nastel Autopilot is called the MQ Doctor by IT pros in some of the world’s largest enterprises. Just check the list of customers on our website.  Forrester Research says, “Nastel is one of the best tools so far to build a closed-loop automation solution for application management.”

AutoPilot supports the WebSphere MQ family of products, DataPower, TIBCO RV/EMS and Solace. It provides a unified view across all these middleware products and with its real-time monitoring and predictive analytics can reduce the frequency and duration of incidents.

So, what action do you take to protect yourself? Check out our 5 reasons to switch to Nastel AutoPilot, hereMake an appointment with the MQ Doctor® and let Nastel show how it can help you make the switch.  See our offer here.

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