APM is hot!We’ve said it before and we’re going to say it again: Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is red hot right now. Although it’s a mature market, the capabilities APM brings to the table are only increasing in value throughout the enterprise. Application performance monitoring endures as a hotbed of innovation and cost savings. 

Our colleagues at Gartner, Jonah Kowall and Will Cappelli, recently put the spotlight on four new entrants into the space. New blood is good for an old industry and their arrival is a testament to the strength, depth and potential of the APM market.

On the heels of Gartner’s report, analyst firm Quocirca released a study this week that revealed one of the reasons why APM continues to dominate the spotlight: CIOs are making it an investment priority for 2012. According to the results, 76 percent of executives indicated they were pushing the limits with application performance monitoring to drive higher service and experience levels.

Bringing APM to the CIO is a good fit. Who else is more in tune to mounting competitive pressures and scrutiny by regulatory agencies? As data volatility increases, the CIO is going to be the first to see it impacting operations and driving costs upward.  However, one of the key challenges CIOs of large enterprise face is that they already have APM tools, in many cases multiple sets and yet, they are still not seeing the advantage.  Often this duplication of tools is endemic to a silo organizational structure and a focus on using APM as yet another tool to monitor infrastructure and not the applications that run on it.    But, the CIO is the one person who can drive the firm to transcend their organizational boundaries and monitor what matters, end to end.

We’re coming off of the IBM Impact show that took place in Las Vegas this week where we had some great opportunities to dig into these trends and business issues with folks working in the trenches. Throughout these conversations, and as made evident by the overall buzz at the show, there is a hunger in the market for solutions to help businesses run their operations in a smarter and more efficient manner.

In the coming weeks we’ll be sharing more from Impact—including a new collaboration with the folks at Verdande for business decision-driving case processing, and of course the launch of our new unified platform for middleware monitoring, AutoPilot 6.5. So come back and check it out, but until then, click here for a live AutoPilot demo .

In the meantime, if you were at Impact we’d love to hear from you. Did you catch any standout sessions or discover something cool on the floor? Leave a comment and tell us about it!