The triple A solution: How analytics, automation, and AI will redefine customer service

A quick trip down memory lane to the 1990s will help us see just how far customer services has changed. In the past, customers would have walked into a physical store for a real person to help solve their problem. But, we are now in the machine era – where we will do everything we [...]

3 Essential Ways To Use Data Strategically – Analytics

While it’s very impressive that today’s technology allows us to gather incredible amounts of data, the reality is much of the data is currently collected before anyone answers: “What do we want to do with this data?” The result: Your organization has a lot of data that isn’t very useful for business. Before rushing to [...]

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How to Integrate Data and Analytics into Every Part of Your Organization

What’s the best way to build effective data and analytics capabilities? Start by developing a strategy across the entire enterprise that includes a clear understanding of what you hope to accomplish and how success will be measured. Before starting any new data analysis initiative, ask: Is the goal to help improve business performance? Jumpstart process [...]

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Are You Set Up to Achieve Your Big Data Vision?

By now, most companies have big hopes for big data. They see great potential in using sophisticated analytics to preempt problems, such as customers leaving or equipment failing, or to gain an advantage, such as perceiving an industry trend. But success may prove surprisingly elusive. The big data vision of many companies is murky, and [...]

The Difference Between Data Science and Data Analytics

Data science and data analytics: people working in the tech field or other related industries probably hear these terms all the time, often interchangeably. However, although they may sound similar, the terms are often quite different and have differing implications for business. Knowing how to use the terms correctly can have a large impact on [...]

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7 ways to build trust in data and analytics at your company

The KPMG report offers seven recommendations for building data and analytics trust in your organization: 1. Assess your trust gaps Performing an initial assessment to see where your business needs trusted analytics the most, and focus on those areas. 2. Create purpose by clarifying and aligning goals Make sure the purpose for collecting data and [...]

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Getting ahead of the game with predictive analytics

Generating a return on your investment in analytics initiatives can seem like a tall order. First, you’ve got to complete a robust yet resilient implementation of an analytics platform across your sites and apps. Then, because collecting data doesn’t create value for your organization in and of itself, you need to build out some kind [...]

Using Advanced Analytics to Improve Operational Decisions

Using Advanced Analytics to Improve Operational Decisions Operations leaders routinely make critical decisions across the entire value chain. What combination of raw materials will minimize total cost? How can we plan production to maximize throughput? How can we schedule maintenance tasks to minimize disruptions? Although such decisions typically involve complex tradeoffs, managers have often made [...]

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Data Analytics is Transforming Healthcare Systems

Big Data Analytics is entirely transforming business paradigms. Automated databases are enabling businesses to perform mundane tasks more efficiently. And, the commercial sector isn’t the only area to benefit from data analytics. Its impact is widespread and is being seen across many different sectors, including healthcare. Under such circumstances where people are paying a significantly [...]

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Why Deep Learning Will Revolutionize The Tech Industry

Data analysis tools like deep learning, top-down reporting and stream processing which may be used to produce detailed reports in real time are all responsible for numerous changes in the way that businesses conduct their everyday operations. Big data techniques and analytics may be used to generate valuable insight regarding the effectiveness of policy changes [...]

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