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How is Artificial Intelligence Redefining Mobile Banking?

For some time, Artificial Intelligence has entered our regular technology vernacular with continuous references and frequent mentions. Back in the 90s when tech thinkers were still speculating whether a machine can imitate rational human perception, we had no idea that in just two decades down the line this would be a massive reality. Whether machine [...]

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Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for decades. However, recently with the advent of “Big Data”, it’s been getting more attention. Wikipedia says this about Artificial Intelligence: “In computer science, the field of AI research defines itself as the study of ‘intelligent agents’: any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that [...]

Impact Of Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning on Trading And Investing

1. General impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning on trading Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows replacing humans with machines. In the 1980s, AI research focused primarily on expert systems and fuzzy logic. With computational power becoming cheaper, using machines to solve large-scale optimization problems became economically feasible. As a result of the advances in hardware [...]

The triple A solution: How analytics, automation, and AI will redefine customer service

A quick trip down memory lane to the 1990s will help us see just how far customer services has changed. In the past, customers would have walked into a physical store for a real person to help solve their problem. But, we are now in the machine era – where we will do everything we [...]

Move beyond the hype and make Artificial Intelligence work for you

Technology is constantly evolving. It’s making our lives easier, automating repetitive processes and removing others altogether. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a key driver behind many of the biggest developments in this regard, and recently the collective sights of companies invested in this industry have moved towards customer service. So does this mean AI will [...]

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