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5 Actual Big Data Uses That Make Our Life Better

The Big Data Revolution (with the help of Machine Learning , Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence) can transform our world in a “Big Brother Nightmare”… It could be… but, The Big Data can at the opposite improve our lives for a better tomorrow. Choosing the humanist way will be only a human choice… #1 -Anticipating Meteorological [...]

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CIOs Plan to Invest More in AI, Predictive Analytics, Big Data Tools

CIOs plan to spend more on predictive analytics in 2018 and recognize the need to invest in artificial intelligence and big data analytics tools to maximize their results. Healthcare IT leaders are investing more time and money in predictive analytics tools because of their potential to improve population health and reduce care costs, but they [...]

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Mini-glossary: Big data terms you should know

When it comes to assembling a list of key big data terms, it makes sense to identify terms that everyone needs to know — whether they are highly technical big data practitioners, or corporate executives who confine their big data interests to dashboard reports. These 20 big data terms hit the mark. Analytics The discipline [...]

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Big data: The key to staying competitive in the financial services industry

Big data: The key to staying competitive in the financial services industry In response to this disruption and changing customer expectations, businesses in this sector have realised that in order to thrive in a constantly evolving market, they need to be able to improve their operational efficiencies, detect fraud quicker and more accurately, model and [...]

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Machine Learning: Understanding Feature Selection

Feature selection is a part of Machine Learning that can be very difficult to grasp for someone not intimately familiar with statistics. It is the intent of this blog to demystify what feature selection is and the techniques that can be used to accomplish it. What is Feature Selection? Making Predictions and Cluster Analysis are [...]

Big Data, Machine Learning and AI Predictions for 2018

By Matt Reaney, Founder of Big Cloud Investment in Big Data and AI shows no signs of slowing down. Here are some of our predictions for the year to come… Machine Learning capabilities Machine Learning capabilities are growing rapidly, transforming business applications in all sorts of industries from medicine and healthcare, to self-driving cars, gaming, [...]

Big Data and Data Science in the Finance Sector

Big Data is described as the large volume of data both structured and unstructured. It is a data whose scale, variation and complexity require new techniques, algorithms, and analysis to manage it and extract hidden knowledge and value from it. Big data is very big due to the introduction of communication means like social networking, [...]

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Why AI, Machine Learning And Big Data Really Matter To B2B Companies

While most of the attention for how artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and big data can impact companies is focused on the business to consumer (B2C) space, business to business (B2B) companies need to pay attention or they risk their future success. Customers have the same expectations for a simple and easy buying experience whether [...]

Cluster Analysis and Big Data

My last blog on machine learning discussed different types of artificial intelligence that can be applied to Big Data. This article will discuss cluster analysis, a form of Unsupervised Pattern Recognition. Let’s start with a basic definition. Pattern recognition algorithms are used to detect regularities in data, and they come in two basic flavors: supervised [...]

Why You Need a (Big) Data Management Platform for Your Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is underway in practically every industry in the world. Companies, businesses and organizations throughout the world are leveraging their assets, big data and analytics for an edge over their competitors. In fact, data analytics and big data have gained popularity to the extent that data analysis for differentiation is considered advantageous by nearly [...]