How blockchain is changing the way we pay

The rise of financial technology and digital payment solutions is helping the world go cashless. Cashless payment methods now cover a wide range of technologies – there are physical cards, online gateways, mobile apps, and digital wallets. Blockchain-enabled payments and cryptocurrencies are also on the rise. Among these methods, it’s blockchain that’s driving the major [...]

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Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends In Financial Services

Forget online banking. If there was ever an industry where mobile is not just first but full-steam ahead, it’s the financial services industry, where FinTech — a.k.a. financial services technology — is finding new ways to make spending, managing, and investing our hard-earned money even easier than ever before. From Venmo to Apple Pay, we’re [...]

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, and the Broader world of Blockchain

In a recent Forbes article, leading industry analyst and Forbes contributor Jason Bloomberg discusses the challenges facing Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies in general, and the broader world of blockchain. Nastel Technologies' CTO, Albert Mavashev shares his view blockchain and how law enforcement can use Nastel's transaction analytics tooling to perform forensics as well as to see patterns [...]

The top 5 trends for digital transformation in 2018

Businesses have had to adjust to new ways of doing things, most of them related to the digital transformation that business, and the world, has experienced in recent years. From artificial intelligence (AI), to blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT), new digital technologies are having a major impact on business – and that impact [...]