A Customer Story

Business Issue A European Telecoms company needed to enhance their ability to monitor messages at a more detailed level; messages that were passing thorough their middleware environment, and they needed more detail as part of their implementation of a new wealth management application. Choice Even though the customer already had a license agreement with another [...]

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If you refer to 21 CFR part 11 as “Chapter 11”, we feel your pain!

The US government has a very robust regulatory framework referred to as the Code of Regulations or CFR. Within this is title 21 which is the regulations of the United States Food and Drug Administration of US FDA. And within this is Part 11 which defines the regulations for electronic records and electronic signatures otherwise [...]

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What is MiFID II?

The European Securities and Markets Authority (esma) uses the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) and they have a new version called MiFID II. MiFID II requires market participants to demonstrate that they have taken all appropriate steps to obtain the best possible result for their clients when executing orders. Under MiFID II, trades will need [...]

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The Reasons Projects Fail

There are a number of reasons that projects to develop and/or improve applications fail. Here are the ones I hear about most often, and how Nastel can help avoid these situations. The “shiny-thing” effect. Most Application Development projects get funding when they get executive sponsorship. But keeping the executive who agreed to fund the project, [...]

A Beginner’s Guide to FinTech Terminology

FinTech is easy to get wrapped up in. It’s an exciting field that’s taking power away from traditional, bloated banks and giving the industry a much needed facelift. It’s helping the underbanked (as any FinTech enthusiast will tell you a hundred times), and many popular FinTech technologies are becoming integrated into everyday life. But what’s [...]

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Who is Application Performance Management For – APM Features and Functions

Since APM is all about using data to understand why problems occur, and doing whatever it takes to deliver the best possible user experience, the whole team can benefit from APM. Using one centralized tool means the entire team has access to the same data and use it across the whole development lifecycle, from pre-deployment, [...]

How machine learning will transform the way we look at medical images – healthcareIT

How machine learning will transform the way we look at medical images - healthcareIT Medical imaging is key in today’s delivery of modern healthcare, with an immense 41 million imaging tests taking place in England in every year. Thousands upon thousands of patients safely undergo imaging procedures such as X-ray, ultrasound, and MRI every day, [...]

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Machine Learning Can Help B2B Firms Learn More About Their Customers

Machine Learning Can Help B2B Firms Learn More About Their Customers Much of the strategic focus in the digital economy thus far has revolved around getting better insights into consumers. B2C firms have been the leaders in customer analytics initiatives. E-commerce, mobile commerce, and social media platforms have enabled businesses to better sculpt marketing and [...]

Large Retailers need to provide quality services to their customers

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, large retailers are relying on Nastel AutoPilot to keep the holiday shopping season successful and highly profitable with uninterrupted services. Heavy loads and high volumes of sales are expected on Black Friday followed by Cyber Monday.  Nastel AutoPilot helps keeping services supporting sales highly available and highly reliable. How Large Retailers [...]