IoT Cybersecurity Trends To Look Out For In 2019

IoT - You just found out that the smart coffee maker in your office break room has been hijacked and has been sending millions of spam emails for months. Worse, your corporate internet router was used by overseas hackers to conduct distributed denial-of service (DDoS) attacks against another company, or against your own government. In [...]

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The Cutting Edge Of IoT

The rising availability of IoT sensors, coupled with improved network connectivity, has created a tremendous new source of data for businesses to capitalize on. In agriculture, IoT data helps improve production yields and support sustainable production for the environment. In manufacturing, IoT enables devices to work more efficiently on the assembly line. From smart homes [...]

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Transitioning to hybrid cloud is easy

Hybrid Cloud - The modern business is digital, there’s no denying this. Those that aren’t have either been left behind already, or are in the process of being so. The connectivity we enjoy today, and the technology available to us, is creating countless possibilities in a world where everything computes and where everyone and every [...]

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Data Mining - At their core, data scientists have a math and statistics background. Out of this math background, they’re creating advanced analytics. On the extreme end of this applied math, they’re creating machine learning models and artificial intelligence. Just like their software engineering counterparts, data scientists will have to interact with the business side. [...]

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The Age Of DevOps: What’s In Store For QAs When Old Rules No Longer Apply?

As the lines between developers, DevOps team members and software testers get increasingly blurred, the biggest talking point seems to be uncovering future opportunities for QA testers. There’s no doubt that, with Agile becoming the norm, testers are expected to play a much more assertive role than the traditional QA specialists have played in the past. The [...]

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Five Ways To Create And Implement More Ethical (AI) Artificial Intelligence

With more innovation in artificial intelligence (AI), more unexpectedly dangerous uses -- like the OpenAI and Amazon cases -- are emerging. Each one is a good reminder to consider the ethics and implications surrounding artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML). First, it’s important to note that artificial intelligence does not, on its own, have any intention (good or bad) or the will to [...]

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Why even small businesses need big data

Going into big data has never been easier, so what are you waiting for? Big Data - Throughout the past few years, one key-word took over the digital revolution that has been going on for nearly three decades. That key-word is data.  After years of focusing on processing speed and sophisticated protocols, companies realized that [...]

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Nastel Technologies Announces New Product Launch, XRay for MQ

XRay for MQ - Nastel Technologies is a premier global provider of AIOps solutions covering end-to-end Transaction Tracking and Application Performance Management (APM) for mission-critical applications in the mixed cloud environments. Nastel is entering its 25th year in business and has recently introduced the latest offering, Nastel XRay® for MQ. Nastel XRay® for MQ, a [...]

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Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) Market will witness a CAGR of 49% during the forecast period 2017-2023. Key Players are Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Google, Inc., and IBM Corporation

MLaaS - Machine learning has become a disruptive trend in the technology industry with computers learning to accomplish tasks without being explicitly programmed. The manufacturing industry is relatively new to the concept of machine learning. Machine learning is well aligned to deal with the complexities of the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers can improve their product quality, [...]

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