The seven words that everyone knows and loves

If there is one thing you can guarantee you will hear from the leadership of your company it’s these seven words: “Do more with what you already have”. And it is sound advice. Before you spend anything on new stuff, different stuff or in-fact anything, you need to make sure that you are doing everything [...]

Are you being courted by a buggy-whip vendor?

There was a time when buggy-whips were the height of technology. If you wanted your horse and cart to go faster, you invested in a better buggy-whip. And then came the automobile, and all of a sudden buggy-whips were obsolete; It really doesn’t matter how hard you whack a lump of iron exploding the remains [...]

Transaction tracking vs message tracking

First let’s define simply what messages and transactions are: A message is an electronic instance of data that was sent from one place to another A transaction is the processing of a user’s request throughout the entire application stack. Messages are point to point, while transactions weave through the multitude of systems and business processes [...]

Top reasons for Business Process Failure

Knowledge gap – When there is a gap in your understanding of how business flows through your processes you have risk. Whatever you don’t monitor creates risk. Communication gap – When each team only understands its own systems, but not the impact all systems have on each other, then things can fail without anyone noticing [...]

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Moving from Blame-Storming to Command and Control

noun - group discussion regarding the assigning of responsibility for a failure or mistake. Those who manage the operations of business application stacks, are often over-familiar with the concept of blame-storming. The reasons why a user’s experience is below the standards defined within the service level agreement, can be complex, and quite often the SLA’s [...]

Taking a Major Step to Better End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM)

End User Experience Monitoring also known by its acronym EUEM is the analytical process of understanding how a user experiences an application. There are many tools and solutions available to help with EUEM, and most of them revolve around 3 basic ideas: User Experience Management Synthetic Monitoring Real User Monitoring User Experience Management uses code [...]

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The Basic Ways of Monitoring MQ

There are several facilities and techniques available to identify and resolve problems with MQ Series. EVENT MONITORING MQ Series publishes several event messages in some special SYSTEM Queues to indicate a failure, potential slowdown, change in configuration, security violation etc., These events can be turned on or for the Queue Manager level and for Queues [...]

Don’t get caught in the Splunk vs ELK trap

Being able to interrogate data about transactions that take place in your IT applications is critical when you need to ensure performance, availability, security and a desired user experience. Many companies have considered the two choices that are most often discussed, namely Splunk and the Elastic Stack. Both of these choices offer a pathway to [...]

The new Paradigm for IT in Retail

It’s no secret that the world of retail has changed dramatically in the last few years, and the rate of change shows no signs of slowing. Older people still like to shop predominantly in person, in-store, but younger demographics are choosing to shop more online. But nothing is absolute. Even those who shop online, like [...]

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