Data lakes and big data analytics: the what, why and how of data lakes

What are data lakes and how are they used for big data analytics? A definition and description of data lakes, how they work and what are their benefits, drivers and disadvantages. To make a big data project succeed you need at least two things: knowing what (blended) actionable data you need for your desired outcomes [...]

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Nastel Feeling Accomplished – We’ve Moved!

Founded in 1994 by CEO David Mavashev, Nastel Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce the success of our new move headquartered in Plainview, NY!  Our new address and contact information is listed below. There was a lot of preparation, office build up and the official move itself. We are fully operational thanks to the cooperation [...]

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CIO playbook: Digital transformation at scale

The impact of digital transformation on the CIO and IT is considerable. A world expert explains how to undertake transformation in large organizations. For many organizations, the digital transformation journey has passed from jargon and hype to planning and execution. The journey that fraught with challenge because it often involves change around technology, people, and [...]

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The Black Hole in Digital Performance Management

By Jason Bloomberg February 22, 2017 For today’s enterprises, digital performance means far more than a snappy website and mobile apps. In reality, end-to-end performance is critical to keeping customers happy and, in turn, achieving the strategic goals of the business. End-to-end digital performance presents a tricky challenge, as every link in the chain must [...]

Curious about JavaScript performance, but don’t want to work hard?

There’s an easy way to determine if your JavaScript is inefficiently written. There’s no need to instrument every JavaScript function with code that logs timings and then analyze log files. With the use of W3C User Timing API’s use of “marks” as well as some creative JavaScript -ing, this can be done with minimal code. [...]

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Software Development, the Enterprise and 20/20 Vision: Getting a Clear Picture with Next-Gen DevOps

Additional processes that will arise from the next generation of DevOps solutions include: ■ Measuring the speed of deployment and deployment frequency to determine how much value DevOps processes are generating. ■ Following development cycles to resolution — determine how quickly problems are resolving by keeping an accurate trendline of how integration processes are improving [...]

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2017 Predictions: Expect Enterprises to Adopt Proactive Application Performance Monitoring

Expect Enterprises to Adopt Proactive Application Performance Monitoring Hybrid cloud adoption to retain momentum Last year we had predicted that hybrid cloud adoption will increasingly find favor among large enterprises, and that many enterprises were evaluating a hybrid cloud strategy. This trend is expected to continue in 2017 despite some of the challenges associated with [...]

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Big Data Analytics: What Is There In Store For 2017 And Beyond

Big data has come in a big way and is gaining momentum in the same way. In a very short period, it has become a familiar phenomenon all across the globe. So much so that it is no longer a new technology. In fact, it is introducing newer terms and technologies as a rider. Most [...]

Monitoring in the World of DevOps

Central to the idea of DevOps is collaboration between all of the teams involved in IT applications and infrastructure. Developers, Operations, Quality Assurance, Security, and more, all have stakes in the delivery of a product or service. So, what does collaboration mean when it comes to monitoring in the world of DevOps? How DevOps Changes [...]

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How to make the most of predictive analytics

Predictive analytics is giving brands the capability to automate marketing responses in any given customer scenario, but it requires fundamental shifts in companies’ attitudes to technology and the willingness to test and learn continually. As big data has become embedded in brands and marketing departments, gradually the talk has become focused on the predictive – [...]

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