Getting started using Nastel’s MQSpeedtest for IBM MQ

Nastel has a free download available here called AutoPilot MQSpeedtest for IBM MQ. The purpose of the MQSpeedtest utility is to measure various times related to queue manager message flow. Much like traditional sonar technology, this is completed by sending a ping which is picked up by the target and echoed back. By measuring the time spent it can determine various characteristics of the message path. In IBM MQ terms, it sends messages to a listening application which replies with a response to those messages. MQSpeedtest captures various times along the message path as well as the round-trip times.

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Using AIOps

AIOps Automating routine practices, Improving the accuracy and time to identify issue and the ability of teams to work together

Security Tips for the Season

Illegal activity has progressed to the digital world, at the speed of e-business. Today it may well be the biggest industry sector out there. Stealing personal information and selling this on illicit dark websites is big business, as is creating and selling techniques to phish, deliver illicit payloads, and of course creating the illicit payloads [...]

Operational Data Provides a New Dimension to Security

Those who wish to harm your business are the proverbial needle in a haystack, and it’s been much easier to be the needle and hide than to be those hunting through the hay. Being small in a large environment makes it much easier to be sneaky. But there are some complex indicators of intrusion that [...]

Improving APM

We all know that when you add lanes to a highway, the improvement in journey time is short lived, as more vehicles start to use the new road, creating more traffic, there are then more chances for accidents and this results in slower journey times. The same seems to happen with technology, Moore's law is the [...]