3 Ways to Solve App Performance Problems with Transaction Tracking

Transaction Tracking can provide tremendous insight into the performance and behavior of applications. However, this can be challenging when transactions traverse platforms and technologies.  Often it can be similar to tracking someone in the old Westerns where you follow the trail to the river and then lose track of where they went next.  Tracking MQ [...]

How to create speedier infrastructure for an app-centric business

Time is money' - within business this phrase could not be more relevant, particularly in today’s well-connected society. As everything progresses in technology - becoming much more efficient, smarter and faster - people’s expectations are constantly growing, and so they end up frustrated when something hinders the process. When it comes to a network failure [...]

Detect Performance Issues Before Impact

We see these numbers play out in the press. The Bank of England suffered the UK's worst payments outage since 2007. JetBlue Airways suffered a "systems failure" that grounded its fleet for most of a day, and the underlying cause turned out to be an infrastructure issue crippling a key app. Even Apple's iOS App [...]