U.S. Coast Guard Issues Alert After Ship Heading Into Port Of New York Hit By Cybersecurity attack

The U.S. Coast Guard has issued an official warning to owners of ships that cybersecurity at sea needs updating, and updating urgently. In the Marine Safety Alert published June 8, the Coast Guard "strongly encourages" that cybersecurity assessments are conducted to "better understand the extent of their cyber vulnerabilities." This follows an interagency investigation, led by the [...]

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Why is it so hard for us to pay attention to cybersecurity?

More firms say they prioritise cybersecurity, but a significant number are still putting themselves at risk by not doing enough. With a daily deluge of cyberattacks, hacking incidents, data breaches and malware campaigns, it appears that – finally – many organisations now understand that cybersecurity is an important issue that needs to be taken seriously [...]

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How to Think About Cybersecurity Differently

Organizations must think about how they can use white hat hackers and protect their critical assets. If organizations want to get ahead of cybersecurity threats, or at least not fall too far behind malicious actors, they need to start thinking about IT security differently.  That was a key takeaway from two keynote speakers at the CDW [...]

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Better Financial Services through a Better Connected World

The financial services industry is feeling the impact of the digital revolution. Maintaining growth and profitability is an enormous challenge for banks as they need to keep tinkering with the customer experience, not only to provide financial services for their customers, but also to stay more relevant in customer’s lives and keep their attention.    [...]

How Big Data Analytics is Boosting Cybersecurity

Big data analytics professionals are making use of ​preventative technologies, as well as managed detection and response services​. Companies use these to deal with the constantly evolving, sophisticated cyberthreats caused by the increased amounts of data being generated on a daily basis.    Technological innovation has taken the economy by storm, and every progressive business must embrace it in order to [...]