A Primer On Deep Learning

A Primer On Deep Learning - The term “artificial intelligence” (AI) has been around since the 1950s, but there has long existed a yawning gap between what people thought AI to be and what was actually possible. Since the 1960s, much of what has been considered to be AI has been a form of machine [...]

AI, Deep Learning, and Financial Services

AI, Deep Learning, and Financial Services The adoption of AI applications in financial industries is partly driven by the amount of data available. The increasing availability of storage and mandates requiring longer record retention have recently led to a massive increase in stored financial data. This data can now easily be used by deep learning [...]

Deep learning on the brink of expansion

Deep learning on the brink of expansion Dive Brief: Deep learning will be a key driver of performance in demand, fraud and failure predictions by 2019, according to Gartner. The technology builds upon machine learning with the provision of intermediate data representations. Applications changing focus to predictive analysis from image, text and audio processing need [...]

2017 Guide for Deep Learning Business Applications

Deep learning (a common method for developing AI applications) is exceptionally useful for training on very large and often unstructured historical datasets of inputs and outputs. Then, given a new input, predicting the most likely output. A simple intelligence formula -- but one which can be applied across almost every function inside a business. While [...]

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