Why You Need DevOps and the Cloud – Two of today’s biggest Tech Trends

Why You Need DevOps and the Cloud DevOps and the cloud are not only two of today’s biggest tech trends, but are inextricably linked. Research from DORA’s 2018 Accelerate State of DevOps Report and Redgate’s 2019 State of Database DevOps Report outline a clear correlation between cloud and DevOps adoption, with the two working together to contribute to greater [...]

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Study: CISOs Need to Take Charge of DevOps Security

As digital transformation is pushing more enterprises to adopt DevOps to address their needs for better software delivered faster and more frequently, a huge issue lingers over this strategic business shift: security.  While businesses pay a good deal of lip service to cybersecurity, the rush to churn out new software and update those applications means [...]

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How ops teams stay relevant during a shift left in DevOps

IT operations administrators should not perceive the shift left in DevOps as a threat to their relevance, but rather as a catalyst for a change in their priorities. In the age of automation and the shift left movement, the exact role of IT operations teams might seem fuzzy -- but it's far from obsolete.  The [...]

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APIs and DevOps

As always, there are interesting trends in DevOps  , and I wanted to point out one that is starting to bother me: the “API economy,” and how it impacts DevOps decision-makers. Traditional infrastructure—SAN, LAN, physical systems, etc.—were generally controlled the best from the command line. While there are a million of them, Cisco IOS is probably [...]

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Security and Speed: Why DevOps and Security Need to Play Nicely

It isn’t news that DevOps and IT security teams often struggle to align their departments and maintain a coherent balance between keeping a business secure and developing new applications to maintain customer interest. While security processes are a necessity, they can be deemed by DevOps teams to be manual and cumbersome, blocking the agility that [...]

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Measure DevOps for Efficiency, not Just Speed

Organizations with successful DevOps deployments “get their developers to work faster and their operations teams to work more efficiently, and bring it all together,’’ according to Jay Lyman, principal analyst at 451 Research. One way to improve DevOps is to focus on more efficient cloud computing, he explained. Because DevOps is so often delivered via [...]

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10 ways machine learning can optimize DevOps

Successful DevOps practices generate large amounts of data, so it is unsurprising that this data can be used for such things as streamlining workflows and orchestration, monitoring in production, and diagnosis of faults or other issues. The problem: Too much data. Server logs themselves can take up several hundred megabytes a week. If the group is using [...]

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The State of Machine Learning in DevOps

DevOps methodologies are increasingly generating large and diverse data sets across the entire application lifecycle — from development, to deployment, to application performance management, and only a robust monitoring and analysis layer can truly harness this data for the ultimate DevOps goal of end-to-end automation. The recent rise of machine learning — and related capabilities [...]

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The 8 Principles of Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery promotes the adoption of an automated deployment pipeline to release software into production reliably and quickly. Its goal is to establish an optimized end-to-end process, enhance the development to production cycles, lower the risk of release problems and provide a quicker time to market. To that point,  Jez Humble and Dave Farley define the [...]

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