How to Reduce the Complexities of Change In Digital Transformation

How to Reduce the Complexities of Change In Digital Transformation Why do digital transformations experience more failure and face more peril than companies anticipate? Why do they take far longer than anticipated? With apologies to Einstein, I believe we can understand the answers to these questions by viewing them through the lens of “GUT” – [...]

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Nurses are well-positioned to lead innovation and digital transformation

More and more health systems are taking steps to "fully unleash nurse innovators at the leadership level," a new report shows, tapping their specialized expertise for technology deployment, process improvement, patient experience and more. Digital Transformation - More and more hospitals and health systems are recognizing the innovation their nurses can bring to the table, [...]

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Digital transformation and AI adoption: 5 lessons from senior leaders

Many companies are creating the first wave of digital transformation, increasing reach and customization, improving processes, and boosting productivity, while also beginning to incorporate big data into workflows. Now, executives are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) adoption to fight for digital supremacy against competitors, with high aspirations for its success even in the most traditional [...]

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Digital transformation goes hand-in-hand with Zero Trust security

Forward-looking organizations are investing in Zero Trust security and strong MFA, modern app development, IaaS, and digital transformation, a recently released Okta report has shown. Current situation and expectations Based on the answers by 1,050 IT, security, and engineering decision makers at global companies (from a wide variety of industries) with over $1 billion in revenue: 63% [...]

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Using AIOps

AIOps Automating routine practices, Improving the accuracy and time to identify issue and the ability of teams to work together