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The most disruptive enterprise technology trends of 2017

Information Age rounds up enterprise technology trends that will drive disruption, transform businesses and define innovation in 2017 Digital transformation In a number of companies, digital management and strategy is now more important than information management, with some CIOs even reporting to the CDO. The new concerns of digital transformation, such as a brand focus [...]

3 Essentials Of Every Digital Journey: Cloud, Data, And People

Going on a digital journey? Bring lots of cloud, data, and most of all, people. That’s the word from a new study of 105 organizations, published by Constellation Research, which found, for starters, that pursuing a digital strategy is no longer the exotic journey it once was. Now, the ability to marshal big data, employed [...]

Why You Need a (Big) Data Management Platform for Your Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is underway in practically every industry in the world. Companies, businesses and organizations throughout the world are leveraging their assets, big data and analytics for an edge over their competitors. In fact, data analytics and big data have gained popularity to the extent that data analysis for differentiation is considered advantageous by nearly [...]

The importance of big data and analytics in the era of digital transformation

As organisations begin their digital transformation journey, big data and analytics can play a key role in it being a success. Big data means better business Data is an enabler of future strategies and immediate change, thanks to the power of predictive analytics and advanced data science. Correctly harnessing data can help to achieve better, [...]

Brands Need Smarter Customer Insights to Improve Relevance

Reaching The New Benchmark In Customer Expectations Digital transformation has created a huge shift in customer expectations. Today’s customers require a seamless , intuitive experience across channels, transparent product information and pricing, real-time contextual solutions and high relevance, personal experiences. To achieve this step change in capabilities, most companies fall into one of two categories. [...]

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People First Culture with Digital Transformation

When discussing the subject of digital transformation, we keep on hearing a similar feedback, the most common being: “My teams don’t collaborate effectively even if I’ve bought all these great new digital and technical tools. But my employees refuse to use them” and “I can’t attract or retain the right talent for my digital business”. [...]

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Best Practices for Leading the Digital Transformation

Today’s businesses increasingly rely on IT to deliver innovative solutions to solve complex business problems. Companies today depend on technology to innovate more rapidly and get to market faster. It’s a hot topic with leaders who feel pressure from customers, competitors, and their Board to accelerate digital transformation. While most businesses have accepted the imperative [...]

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What Is Digital Transformation?

For a phrase that’s being thrown around a lot recently, what does “Digital Transformation” really mean? When someone says that they want to digitally transform their business, what does one really mean, why do they want to do it, and should they approach this “digital transformation” process?   “The coupling of granular, real-time data (e.g., [...]

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CMOs vs CIOs : Who’s Responsible for Digital?

With digital an integral part of a company's strategy, CMOs and CIOs are now responsible for driving the digital transformation of organizations across a range of industries. The challenge is that traditionally, these roles come from different perspectives. While in a general sense, CIOs are responsible for evaluating and implementing technological solutions, CMOs lead marketing [...]

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Large Companies Prepared to Meet IT Requirements of the New Digital Business

Large Companies Prepared to Meet IT Requirements of the New Digital Business While there is a clear imperative for companies to transform their legacy IT, digital transformation is becoming the driving force to making IT Transformation a top priority. However the ESG 2017 IT Transformation Maturity Curve study commissioned by Dell EMC shows 95 per [...]

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