Financial Wellness: How To Do Fintech Well?

Fintech - Ahead of Innovate Finance Global Summit on 29th-30th April at The Guildhall in London, I spoke to Dan Cobley, Managing Partner of Fintech at Blenheim Chalcot, Daniel Haegarty, CEO and Founder of Habito, Francesca Carlesi, Founder and CEO of Molo and Freddy Kelly, CEO of Credit Kudos about financial wellness, how fintech can [...]

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Financial Trades Tracking Webinar

Tracking the Status of Regulatory Reporting of Financial Trades Any company that manages systems associated with financial trading knows the importance (and complexity) of managing the submission of each trade to the various regulatory authorities in accordance with the plethora different global and regional regulations, and of and the importance of confirming each trade is [...]

Better Financial Services through a Better Connected World

The financial services industry is feeling the impact of the digital revolution. Maintaining growth and profitability is an enormous challenge for banks as they need to keep tinkering with the customer experience, not only to provide financial services for their customers, but also to stay more relevant in customer’s lives and keep their attention.    [...]

Take Advantage of the Top 4 FinTech Trends In 2018

Take Advantage of the Top 4 FinTech Trends In 2018 Following the trends is a matter of survival for some while they are the key to prosperity for others. From a diverse range of blockchain-based solutions to Machine Learning and AI, Big Data and next-generation chatbots, financial institutions have to keep implementing these and more [...]

Trends for 2018: The A, B, C (D, E & F) of Fintech for the Coming Year

Trends for 2018: The A, B, C (D, E & F) of Fintech for the Coming Year 2018 will bring exciting change in the banking sector. This will be a year in which new regulations and new ideologies will cement their presence in finance, and the customer will continue to rule the roost.  A year [...]

FinTech – Machine Learning and Recommenders

How FinTech intelligence will become better with machine learning. Artificial Intelligence is a field that includes everything that is associated with the data (cleansing, preparation, analysis and many more), Learning processes to describe, diagnose, predict and prescribe with use of AI subfields like Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural networks. Machine learning is a field of [...]