The Changing Healthcare User Experience

This week at an event, I had the chance to chat with the VP responsible for application development at a major US health insurance provider. A very interesting lady with a deep appreciation for the experience users see. She explained the modifications they see, driven by the recent healthcare law changes are creating new challenges. [...]

What networks and the Internet of Things are doing for healthcare

With budgets and resources becoming ever tighter, the healthcare industry, in common with many others, is undergoing a significant digital transformation. Advances in digital technology are proving to be a great benefit, enabling health care providers to do more with less. The ability to securely access a patient’s Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and their diagnostic [...]

CIOs Plan to Invest More in AI, Predictive Analytics, Big Data Tools

CIOs plan to spend more on predictive analytics in 2018 and recognize the need to invest in artificial intelligence and big data analytics tools to maximize their results. Healthcare IT leaders are investing more time and money in predictive analytics tools because of their potential to improve population health and reduce care costs, but they [...]

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Health Information Governance Strategies for Unstructured Data

Information governance becomes particularly important when exploring the use of unstructured data for healthcare analytics. While electronic health records still have the potential to standardize care by enabling advanced analytics and informing clinical decision-making, much of the data held within these systems – and a large proportion of the data used in conjunction with these [...]

Top 4 Machine Learning Use Cases for Healthcare Providers

Machine learning is generating a lot of excitement amongst healthcare providers, but what are some of the top use cases for these advanced analytics tools? Here are some of the top initiatives and most intriguing research projects that are currently harnessing these tools. Imaging analytics and pathology Improving imaging analytics and pathology with machine learning [...]

Tips for Improved Cybersecurity in Healthcare

It is no surprise that healthcare organizations have been a target of cyber attacks for a while now. Each year, these attacks are not only increasing in numbers, but they are also becoming more complicated and difficult to predict. Health systems are subject to various types of cyber attack, including ransomware, phishing schemes, and encrypted [...]

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4 Important Trends of Healthcare IT in 2018

Following latest trends in healthcare IT can benefit the healthcare organizations in several ways such as: a) trends can help your business to make better predictions b) trends let you what is happening now and what will be happening tomorrow in the business c) recognizing and implementing the latest trends help you to become a [...]

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How machine learning will transform the way we look at medical images – healthcareIT

How machine learning will transform the way we look at medical images - healthcareIT Medical imaging is key in today’s delivery of modern healthcare, with an immense 41 million imaging tests taking place in England in every year. Thousands upon thousands of patients safely undergo imaging procedures such as X-ray, ultrasound, and MRI every day, [...]

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Top Five Digital Transformation Trends In Healthcare

Top Five Digital Transformation Trends In Healthcare No one can dispute technology’s ability to enable us all to live longer, healthier lives. From surgical robots to “smart hospitals,” the digital transformation is revolutionizing patient care in new and exciting ways. The following are just a few ways how. Telemedicine For the first time, a patient’s [...]

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