How the Internet of Things Can Offer Your CEO a Good Night’s Sleep

In today’s highly competitive market, it is vital for companies to minimize inefficiencies and reduce losses to protect profitability. By using Internet of Things, CEOs more easily achieve their objectives and sleep at night. Grow the Business with IoT  – New revenue streams Insurance companies are turning to IoT to improve pricing accuracy, create new [...]

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Predictive Analytics and IoT

Businesses are turning to IoT applications & data analytics to monitor operations, identify trends, & generate real‐time alarms. Harness IoT and Predictive Analytics for Efficient and Reliable Operations Companies can harness IoT and predictive analytics to sustain business continuity; predict and manage site performance during emergencies; minimize expensive reactive maintenance; and forecast equipment and maintenance [...]

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How IoT Impacts Application Performance Management

By deploying IoT (Internet of Things) within an organization, companies can do amazing things. Being able to analyze all the data emanating from the connected devices can transform a business by improving processes dealing with efficiency and decision making. The IoT Catch Here’s the catch — and the reason IoT APM needs to be extra [...]

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Big Data Analytics Can Benefit Manufacturers

A recent Honeywell survey of manufacturing executives indicates that a majority of respondents (67 percent) plan to use data analytics to address issues with equipment. The survey shows that anaytics are becoming core to what Honeywell refers to as the industrial internet of things (IioT) as a way for companies to save money on equipment [...]

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Surge in real-time big data and IoT analytics is changing corporate thinking

Organizations want real-time big data and analytics capability because of an emerging need for big data that can be immediately actionable in business decisions. An example is the use of big data in online advertising, which immediately personalizes ads for viewers when they visit websites based on their customer profiles that big data analytics have [...]

The IoT Isn’t About the Future, It’s Already Here

We are used to hearing about how the Internet of Things (IoT) will affect the future, promising to solve the biggest global crises, including food shortages, health epidemics and human safety. But what many people do not acknowledge is that, in a growing number of areas, IoT solutions are already in place and making a [...]

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