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Business Continuity in the Age of the Cloud

The cost of downtime varies significantly across various industries. Estimates range from as much as $6,000,000 an hour for a brokerage business to $90,000 per hour for media services. Cloud, Backup and disaster recovery or business continuance enable an IT organization to recover from the loss of a file, object, data set, application, or an [...]

Only DevOps and Taxes

As software eats the world, it’s hard to have a conversation about anything that isn’t directly related to or driven by modern mobile, web and IoT applications. DevOps describes the modern approach to building these applications. But like all new movements, there is a cost. And while some of the costs associated with modern development [...]

Top CIO Concerns for 2016

A new report by the Society for Information Management lists the problems that are weighing heavy on the minds of chief information officers (CIOs). A new list of top CIO concerns reveals many of the tasks managed service providers (MSPs) will assist their clients with in the coming year.   Read the source article at [...]

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IDG Enterprise editors predict IT trends for 2016

As 2015 winds down and we start to focus on 2016, one thing can be predicted quite easily. Analysts, editors and others will start making their own predictions about what we can expect in the upcoming year. We’re no different here at IDG Enterprise – we asked some of the top editors from the IDG [...]

5 Ways to Fight Nation-State Attacks

If you store sensitive data in databases or files, be sure to track all activity including access and changes. This will help detect anomalous activity, prevent illicit access and measure the impact of an intrusion if an incident does occur. Monitoring and auditing user access to sensitive data preventing attacks, ensures there is a trail [...]

Fake Website Users Lead to Greater Risk of Fraud

Fake website users are infiltrating company websites and putting corporate data at risk of fraud, yet many IT departments are unwilling to take the steps necessary to fix the problem. Managed services providers (MSPs) can help their clients overcome this problem by balancing user experience needs and website security. Easy Registration Trumps Security Read the source [...]

Addressing Top IT Management Concerns as an MSP

Up-and-coming chief information officers (CIOs) will share many of the same IT management concerns as current leaders, according to a new research report. Managed service providers (MSPs) can help address those worries with the right strategy and consultation. Concerns and Solutions Read the source article at PivotPoint Original Author: Marissa Tejada

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MSPs Can Address Health Care Data Security Concerns

Health care data security concerns are increasing for adults in the United States, according to a new survey. This is an important factor for managed service providers (MSPs) to consider as they approach their health care clients with the latest cybersecurity tools and solutions. Health Record Concerns Read the source article at PivotPoint Original Author: [...]

The cloud changes IT culture, demands new tech skills

As enterprises are moving to the cloud, it's changing a whole lot more than just where companies' data and services are sitting. The emergence of the cloud is heralding a shift in the skills that IT workers need and the jobs they are doing. It's changing the entire culture inside IT departments.   Read the [...]

Security, Network Performance Among Top IT Concerns

The top challenges for IT teams in the year ahead include security, network and application performance and monitoring and new technology. More than half of IT pros that indicated security issues were their top concern specified breaches, malware, ... Read the source article at