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Security Tips for the Season

Illegal activity has progressed to the digital world, at the speed of e-business. Today it may well be the biggest industry sector out there. Stealing personal information and selling this on illicit dark websites is big business, as is creating and selling techniques to phish, deliver illicit payloads, and of course creating the illicit payloads [...]

Operational Data Provides a New Dimension to Security

Those who wish to harm your business are the proverbial needle in a haystack, and it’s been much easier to be the needle and hide than to be those hunting through the hay. Being small in a large environment makes it much easier to be sneaky. But there are some complex indicators of intrusion that [...]

Using Advanced Analytics to Improve Operational Decisions

Using Advanced Analytics to Improve Operational Decisions Operations leaders routinely make critical decisions across the entire value chain. What combination of raw materials will minimize total cost? How can we plan production to maximize throughput? How can we schedule maintenance tasks to minimize disruptions? Although such decisions typically involve complex tradeoffs, managers have often made [...]

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How Fannie Mae Used DevOps to Improve Its IT Operations

Fannie Mae, the government-sponsored housing giant that provides liquidity to the mortgage market, does not want to be thought of as a giant — or act like one. And it’s using DevOps to transform itself. A DevOps mythology is one that encourages software developers to work with IT operations staff on testing and quality assurance [...]

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Using Big Data Analytics to Improve IT Operations

To deliver high-performance and stable IT operations, staffs end up taking shortcuts, bypassing automated and manual processes. Eventually, it leads to applicaton defects and infrastructure failures. Nevertheless, IT departments need to be able to control their environments, diagnose and pre-empt problems and incidents. Unfortunately, most of existing IT tools don't collect adequate data and don't [...]

Getting IT Operational Intelligence from Perishable Data

For, IT Operations professionals and members of the DevOps group, the ultimate advantage would be to know everything as it happens in their business—and everything that could happen. To know all and see all with complete vision is the competitive ideal: operations managers detecting performance problems before delays arise, the company discovering trends the moment [...]

Real-Time Analytics for Operational Insight

Nastel Comments: Real-Time Analytics, Monitoring and Tracking is essential to gather the right data and analyze it appropriately in order to continuously innovate, improve and keep your customers happy. Watch this TechTalk and discover: • Roughly 25% of DevOps professionals surveyed recently by IDC report a need for analytics. • What are the benefits of real-time data? [...]

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