Expanding Visibility With Apache Kafka

Expanding Visibility With Apache Kafka - What would you do if you had terabytes of operational data being generated in production each day, and hundreds of engineering teams wanting to use that data to improve their services … but no way to connect the two? A Broader Vision This started us thinking bigger. There are a vast [...]

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How Apache Kafka Inspired Our Platform Events Architecture

There’s a class of scalability challenges that are best approached using an asynchronous, event-driven architecture — particularly when it comes to doing data integrations. To support these uses cases Salesforce recently added a feature called “Platform Events” which exposes a time-ordered immutable event stream to our customers. Our multitenant setup posed some challenges for traditional messaging systems and luckily Apache Kafka [...]

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Understanding Log Analytics, Log Mining & Anomaly Detection

Understanding Log Analytics, Log Mining & Anomaly Detection With the management of real-time data, the user can use the log file for making decisions. But, as the volume of data increases let’s say to gigabytes then, it becomes impossible for the traditional methods to analyze such a huge log file and determine the valid data. [...]

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Understanding Log Analytics, Log Mining & Anomaly Detection

The relevance of log file can differ from one person to another. It may be possible that the specific log data can be beneficial for one user but irrelevant for the another user. Therefore, the useful log data can be lost inside the large cluster. Therefore, log analytics of the log file is an important [...]

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Understanding Log Analytics, Log Mining & Anomaly Detection

What is Log Analytics With technologies such as Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks (DNN), these technologies employ next generation server infrastructure that spans immense Windows and Linux cluster environments. Additionally, for DNNs, these application stacks don’t only involve traditional system resources (CPUs, Memory), but also graphic processing units (GPUs). Log Analytics supports log search [...]

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The ABCs of Performance Monitoring

Your World Is Complicated IT environments are much the same as they were 20+ years ago—except for everything. Along with OS, networks, middleware and business apps, today’s IT pros must grasp the complexity of Big Data, Web- and cloud-based technology, mobile apps, business process, and whatever is coming out next week. And now it all [...]

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5 database monitoring issues that need your attention now

As the old management adage goes, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” In the fast-paced world of IT, this more accurately translates to, “You can’t improve what you don’t measure.” When it comes to your database, a continuous database monitoring system provides the foundation for progress: metrics. Without a monitoring system, it’s impossible to [...]

APM TechTalks 2014

Nastel is announcing its 2014 APM TechTalk lineup. The sessions are led by Albert Mavashev, CTO and Richard Nikula, VP Development and cover topics such as: analytics, tracking, performance monitoring, self-service, log analysis and middleware. Please join us at one or more of the sessions and be sure to bring your questions.   The APM topics [...]

By popular demand, TechTalks are back!

Two new TechTalks are in the queue. The first one is:  Smart Logging: Supercharge Application Logging and Tracing. This TechTalk is led by Nastel CTO, Albert Mavashev. The details and registration information can be found here. The second one will be another in-depth look at middleware management, specifically WebSphere MQ, led by Nastel's VP Engineering Richard Nikula. The [...]

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