How to build better SLAs for more strategic applications outsourcing

Service-level agreements (SLAs)—those contractual agreements defining the expected performance of a service provider— alone will not guarantee success when outsourcing application development and maintenance work. They’re one of many tools to help manage an IT outsourcing deal. ALSO ON NETWORK WORLD: 8 ways to jumpstart your career Read the source article at Welcome to Network [...]

When Tech Becomes the Wiring In the Wall

IT decision makers are a forgetful bunch. Once a technology's been around for a while and become part of the "wiring in the wall" -- commonplace and works well enough -- it's largely forgotten. It's only of interest when things don't work well. Read the source article at Home -- Virtualization Review

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Why Amazon’s recent outage was a networking issue, and how to prevent it

The recent AWS outage exposed the dependence of countless enterprise applications on a few cloud components. Nick Kephart published a very good analysis here that explains how a route leak from data center provider Axcelx was responsible for this incident. This is not a new problem. Route leaks caused by incorrect BGP advertisement have resulted [...]

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Contractually Obligated: Service-Level Agreements and Savvy IT

Service-level agreements (SLAs) are the go-to document in the event of a conflict between the provider and client. It determines who bears responsibility and which specific actions must be taken to ensure compliance. However, as noted in a recent MSPmentor article, some managed service providers (MSPs) still choose to act without an SLA. Part of [...]

5 database monitoring issues that need your attention now

As the old management adage goes, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” In the fast-paced world of IT, this more accurately translates to, “You can’t improve what you don’t measure.” When it comes to your database, a continuous database monitoring system provides the foundation for progress: metrics. Without a monitoring system, it’s impossible to [...]

Best practices to improve application performance in ASP.Net

There are factors aplenty that influence application performance of web applications. The essence to improving application performance is ensuring that you build applications that would consume the least amount of memory and require the least amount of processing to produce the desired output. To achieve this, you need to adhere to the recommended guidelines and [...]

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Why application monitoring is critical for your business

Application performance monitoring is the key to ensuring that the hard-earned app is delivering the business value it was designed for. APM is the IT discipline that focuses on application monitoring and management. One source well summarizes the ... Read the source article at Home | SYS-CON MEDIA

Top 5 Performance Problems in .NET Applications

This article builds on these topics by reviewing five of the top performance problems you might experience in your .NET application. Specifically this article reviews the following: There are times in your application code when you want to ensure that only a single thread can execute a subset of code at a time. Read the [...]

The changing face of Application Performance Management – Computerworld

Nastel Comments: The ability to support new application environments is brought out as an import element in selecting the the APM vendor that is most appropriate for your environment. Often, this includes monitoring and analysis across silos as Clabby says, both off and on-premises. When I first started writing about Application Performance Management (APM), the [...]

Federal Agencies Slow to Detect and Fix Application Performance Issues

As federal agencies move to the cloud and consolidate IT resources to cut costs and improve efficiency, applications have become crucial to government productivity. However, according to a new survey, many agencies lack the resources to quickly identify and fix application performance issues. Read the source article at Subscribe to our Newsletters