Real-User Experience Monitoring

Large Retailers need to provide quality services to their customers

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, large retailers are relying on Nastel AutoPilot to keep the holiday shopping season successful and highly profitable with uninterrupted services. Heavy loads and high volumes of sales are expected on Black Friday followed by Cyber Monday.  Nastel AutoPilot helps keeping services supporting sales highly available and highly reliable. How Large Retailers [...]

Transformation of Real User Monitoring Tools in the Industry

With online viewership and sales growing rapidly, enterprises are interested in understanding how they analyze performance to positively impact business metrics. Deeper insight into the user experience is needed to understand why conversions are dropping and/or bounce rates are increasing or, preferably, to understand what has been helping these metrics improve. The digital performance management [...]

Real User Monitoring with Nastel’s AutoPilot

Get the Plugin Real User Monitoring Datasheet Watch the Video Demo Monitoring JavaScript Performance Ensure your customers and internal users experience high performance when they utilize your web and mobile applications. Nastel's® AutoPilot® Insight Real End-User Monitoring’s extensive analytics can help shrink support costs by reducing the mean-time-to-resolve (MTTR) software problems which can lead [...]