Responsive Machine Learning: The Necessary Evolution of Endpoint Security

Machine learning is changing the way industries address critical challenges by using the combined power of automation, cloud-based scalability and specialized programming to surface unexpected relationships and insights. With thousands of new malicious programs emerging every day, security solutions that integrate responsive machine learning can identify and block threats that haven’t been seen before, so [...]

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How DevOps tools can be used to integrate cloud automation

How DevOps tools can be used to integrate cloud automation: The only effective ways to secure cloud application and system deployments are to develop security controls that integrate into the deployment pipeline, and to automate as much as possible. Many in the security community have dubbed this approach security as code, a take on the [...]

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The cloud computing effect: Better security for all

Cloud computing offers lots of benefits, but improved security is not one that makes many IT lists. In fact, many — perhaps even most — IT pros still believe that cloud computing means a huge step backward in terms of security risk. That doesn’t seem to be the case. About 10 percent of our workloads [...]

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Baystate Health Leaders Leverage Virtualization, Convergence to Transform Their IT Infrastructure

To stay ahead of the rapidly changing healthcare business, health systems and hospitals are challenged with improving information technology (IT) services and security and keeping up with ever-increasing demand while also controlling rising costs. Healthcare leaders are tackling these challenges in a number of different ways, such as building new data centers and making improvements [...]

Creating a Safer Cloud Infrastructure with Managed Security Solutions – Part 1

One of the questions I’m asked most often is, “Why do we need a Managed Security Provider, and how can a third party MSSP manage our applications and infrastructure better than the people who designed and built them?” The same people often go on to ask if the cloud makes managed security solutions less important than [...]

Seven points to understand about cloud security

For example, real-time monitoring and enforcement of policies can not only address performance and reliability issues before the problems become serious but they can also detect and mitigate potential compliance issues. Automating in this way reduces... By recognizing and addressing the specific risks associated with use of cloud solutions, companies can overcome their fears and shift from a strategy [...]

Managing IT in a Hybrid Cloud World

Managing IT End-user monitoring ensures appropriate levels of service are being met; application  layer monitoring tests service levels for each separate application; and infrastructure monitoring helps organizations avoid large-scale outages due to infrastructure...   Read the source article at

The top 12 cloud security threats

Enterprises are no longer sitting on their hands, wondering if they should risk migrating applications and data to the cloud. They're doing it -- but security remains a serious concern. The first step in minimizing risk in the cloud is to identify the top security threats.   Read the source article at Welcome to Network [...]

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