Getting IT Operational Intelligence from Perishable Data

For, IT Operations professionals and members of the DevOps group, the ultimate advantage would be to know everything as it happens in their business—and everything that could happen. To know all and see all with complete vision is the competitive ideal: operations managers detecting performance problems before delays arise, the company discovering trends the moment [...]

Getting Value from Your Data Series: It’s All About Your Data Ecosystem

We’re back with the fourth post in our series on how to get value from your data, including how to ensure that new “data” and “analytics” products are designed for successful delivery to new and existing customers.   Read the source article at Big Data Big Analytics Original Author: Mary Ludloff

How we came up with jKool, a SaaS solution for Streaming Analytics

jKool LLC, a new company, spinning-off from Nastel Technologies is a highly scalable, SaaS solution for streaming analytics of Big Data. The jKool API is used to add real-time analytics to applications which will now be able to stream data into the service at  The service analyzes the data as it arrives, delivering its [...]