The Times They are a-changin

Changing the law to allow e-business to be as legally effective as business

Is APM limiting your IT innovation?

The aspiration of APM has always been to describe IT as Business, but for many companies this has failed to materialize, because the complexity of describing the workflows, decisions and procedures that make up the business processes has proven to be too complex for the systems being employed to do it. When synthesized down to [...]

Transaction tracking vs message tracking

First let’s define simply what messages and transactions are: A message is an electronic instance of data that was sent from one place to another A transaction is the processing of a user’s request throughout the entire application stack. Messages are point to point, while transactions weave through the multitude of systems and business processes [...]

What happens when you move to the public cloud?

Cloud computing clearly offers some very attractive benefits for significant elements of an enterprises business. Many companies have made the move (generally in-part) to the public cloud; Moving major parts of their application stack to Amazon, Microsoft and others, reducing their in-house data centers, moving from a mainly capital expense to a mainly operation expense [...]

Moving from Blame-Storming to Command and Control

noun - group discussion regarding the assigning of responsibility for a failure or mistake. Those who manage the operations of business application stacks, are often over-familiar with the concept of blame-storming. The reasons why a user’s experience is below the standards defined within the service level agreement, can be complex, and quite often the SLA’s [...]

Improving MTBF and MTTR

I was having a discussion today with a customer about how they measure and reduce risk. And it came down to a simple understanding of MTBF and MTTR. If felt a little like going back to basics, but the simple fact is the basics are, the basics. MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) is a measure [...]

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Intelligently Monitoring IOT

I was recently talking with a company that manages environmental and AV systems for large buildings. They use the most advanced technology, which in this case is IOT (Internet of Things). They setup control systems to control light, HVAC, window shades, door locks, AV displays, speakers and more. In a large building this can be [...]

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The Changing Healthcare User Experience

This week at an event, I had the chance to chat with the VP responsible for application development at a major US health insurance provider. A very interesting lady with a deep appreciation for the experience users see. She explained the modifications they see, driven by the recent healthcare law changes are creating new challenges. [...]

The Six levels of Application Performance Maturity

Level 1 Hope & Pray Many companies build business applications iteratively, starting with a proof of concept and then using creative internal and external talent to build out the concept into a working prototype. Which is then extended into product. I’ve seen systems built this way that deliver very powerful innovative ideas. The challenge is [...]

The Difference Between Monitoring and Tracking Transactions

Every few days I hear stories in the press, on social media and by talking with people about the major outages that happen to large enterprise applications. The implications for companies that suffer a major disruption span from embarrassment to significant lost business to huge costs and all the way through to a loss of [...]