Cloud computing is a rapidly growing technology that many organizations are adopting to enable their digital transformation.  In today’s world, Cloud technology is a trending buzzword among business environments. It provides exciting new opportunities for businesses to compete on a global scale and is redefining the way we do business. It enables a user to store and share data like applications, files, and more to remote locations. These features have been realized by all business owners, from startup to well-established organizations, and they have already started using cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Trends in 2019

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Solutions

Hybrid Cloud will become the dominant business model in the future. For organizations, the public cloud cannot be a good fit for all type of solutions and shifting everything to the cloud can be a difficult task as they have certain requirements. The Hybrid Cloud model offers a transition solution that blends the current on-premises infrastructure with open cloud & private cloud services. Thus, organizations will be able to shift to the cloud technology at their own pace while being effective and flexible.  Multi-Cloud is the next step in the cloud evolution. It enables users to control and run an application, workload, or data on any cloud (private, public and hybrid) based on their technical requirements. Thus, a company can have multiple public and private clouds or multiple hybrid clouds, all either connected together or not. We can expect multi-cloud strategies to dominate in the coming days.

Cloud technology is capable of providing better data storage, data security, collaboration, and it also changes the workflow to help small business owners to take better decisions. Finally, cloud connectivity is all about convenience, and streamlining workflow to help any business become more flexible, efficient, productive, and successful. If you want to set your business up for success, this might be the time to transition to cloud-based services.



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