Data, Information and Knowledge are not the same thing

Everything is Data.

How big?
How long?
How heavy?
What color?
When did it happen?
How long did it take?
How much?


Data tells us things = Information?

It won’t fit through the door!
I can’t park there, it’s too small!
I won’t be able to lift it!
These shoes won’t go with my dress!

What we do with information = Knowledge

I should get a sofa that will fit through my front door.

I need to just pay the car park fees.

I can make my customers happier if I know what their experience will be purchasing my product before they attempt it.

Yep, that last point is a business problem that Nastel can solve for you today.


Nastel Technologies uses machine learning to detect anomalies, behavior and sentiment, accelerate decisions, satisfy customers, innovate continuously.  To answer business-centric questions and provide actionable guidance for decision-makers, Nastel’s AutoPilot® for Analytics fuses:

  • Advanced predictive anomaly detection, Bayesian Classification and other machine learning algorithms
  • Raw information handling and analytics speed
  • End-to-end business transaction tracking that spans technologies, tiers, and organizations
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use data visualizations and dashboards

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