A DevOps Approach to Digital Transformation SuccessA DevOps -based approach is more holistic than Agile because it treats software delivery as a single unified activity, it fosters collaboration between small teams across different business units, and it treats the ability to deploy, maintain, and scale as high-priority features from the outset
What is preventing organisations from getting started with Digital Transformation or DevOps?
1. Failure to appreciate the urgency
2. Existing inflexible bureaucratic structures
3. Misunderstanding the risks involved
4. An over-dependence on external IT resources
5. A lack of training
6. Lacking appreciation of the improvements they can bring
• IT leaders can take a lead in aligning Digital Transformation and DevOps using the ‘3 Is’; Innovate (with the business to create a digital enterprise); Integrate (new digital capabilities with the existing enterprise platform); and Incorporate (new techniques and technologies into the IT organisation).
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