APM Solutions - application performance monitoring

The aspiration of APM has always been to describe IT as Business, but for many companies this has failed to materialize, because the complexity of describing the workflows, decisions and procedures that make up the business processes has proven to be too complex for the systems being employed to do it.

When synthesized down to its most basic technologies, APM is about 3 things:

  1. Monitoring the systems metrics of IT systems
  2. Creating a series of rules that describe how technology influences business
  3. Presenting the results.

The challenge is quite simply step 2.

It’s relatively easy to describe the big steps that happen in a process, but when you drill down into the detail and try and account for every scenario, even simple processes can become incredibly complex to describe. And yet APM systems rely on you describing every single scenario to be able to describe your business process in ways that are valuable from a user experience, performance or availability perspective.

The result for many companies is that massive libraries of scripts are created and must be maintained to allow the business processes to be abstracted from the technology data.

These scripts have to be added to every component of your IT, they are added to every program your teams write or installs and have become an Albatross around the necks of your CIO, and all the teams that report to her. They are also the reason you cannot change your APM solution, because the cost and complexity of change would far exceed your available resources and budgets. Your APM vendor knows this as well of course, and this limits their interest in negotiating a better deal or agreeing to additional functionality you would like to see in their products.

Your existing APM strategy has become a limiting factor to your IT innovation.

There is an answer.

Nastel provides a solution that monitors every component of your infrastructure, platforms and applications, but then does something very interesting, Nastel interprets the messages being sent and received between systems and weaves together an understanding of every business flow (transaction) and visualizes these. This gives you an entirely additional perspective of business understanding or your IT environment that allows for far more intelligence to be captured and used to improve every aspect of your business.

Your Business described through your Information Technology – Problem Solved!