Leading Employers Join Forces With General Assembly to Define Skills for Data Science Careers General Assembly (GA) today announced the formation of an employer-led Data Science Standards Board which aims to increase transparency and access to careers within the fast-growing field of data science. Designed to foster collaboration at a time when employers compete for data science talent, the Standards Board will identify and define skills required for success, commission skill-based assessments, and establish performance thresholds for workforce-relevant credentials.

Members of the Data Science Standards Board include Aaron Black, Chief Data Officer, Inova, Michael Bopp, COO and President, Argus; Peter Brodsky, CEO and Founder, HyperScience; Christine Hung, Head of Data Solutions, Spotify; Mark Jacobsohn, SVP, Head of Data Science and Machine Intelligence, Booz Allen Hamilton; Domenic Maida, Head of Global Data, Bloomberg; David Mavashev, CEO, Nastel; Mainak Mazumdar, Chief Research Officer, Nielsen; and Claudia Perlich, Chief Scientist, Dstillery.

Standards boards are needed to increase transparency and access to career opportunities in a wide range of emerging fields. In addition to the Data Science Standards Board, General Assembly is working to bring together leaders across in-demand fields including digital marketing and more.


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