Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence 101 For ExecutivesMachine Learning & Artificial Intelligence 101 For Executives

There have been many “ages” throughout human history, most notably the industrial age and the digital age. Now, we have officially entered the age of artificial intelligence (AI). Within this AI age are many technologies, including machine learning and deep learning. These are fundamentally transforming and altering the business landscape. Its ability to revolutionize the world has been likened to what electricity did in its day.

While coal fired the industrial revolution, data is the new “fuel” for the AI revolution. According to Box CEO Aaron Levie, AI could potentially have a greater impact than any other technology over the course of the last ten years. In a TechCrunch article, he stated, “I think it’s going to be more fundamental than the cloud in terms of its impact across all enterprise software, but specifically in our space, cloud content management.”

Companies Move Toward AI

He believes that the exponential increase in available data requires AI to maximize the benefits from within that information. Recognizing the powerful potential of unstructured data, companies like Apple are looking for ways to harness it.

New Insights, Informed Decisions, and Greater Efficiency

Companies now can tame the incredible amount of data from all sources within and outside of their organization. The vast amount of unstructured data has order thanks to AI. Deep neural networks uncover previously hidden critical information. With so much information still out there that we don’t know about, imagine what AI will continue to uncover for all of the organizations that add machine-learning platforms.


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