Is there any difference? Really? Because most of us have been using the terms artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) interchangeably since their inception. You’ll be surprised to know the thin-line differences that these two phenomena hold in the tech world. So, to begin:

The analogy between ML and AI

This has been a sensible practice among us that if you really want to mark out differences between the two related things, it’s important to understand how they are related and share the common ground. Let’s look at them.

Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence - Know The Real Differences

Looking at the image, above we can conclude that AI is a much wider field of study than ML. Instead, machine learning is a subtopic within AI. Ever since processes and lifestyles went online, we started producing a lot of data every day. Typically, machine learning and artificial intelligence have come up as solutions to deal with such massive amounts of data and putting this random, unorganized data to intelligent use.


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