noun – group discussion regarding the assigning of responsibility for a failure or mistake.

Those who manage the operations of business application stacks, are often over-familiar with the concept of blame-storming.

The reasons why a user’s experience is below the standards defined within the service level agreement, can be complex, and quite often the SLA’s for each individual business process can be within scope and still the user experience can suffer. This can lead to heated, extensive discussions where everyone feels the need to prove their innocence. This will then be followed by detailed forensics to discover the true root cause, and then even longer meetings and the generation of reports to implement corrective actions and process changes to avoid the same situation happening again.

It doesn’t matter how many millions of lines of script your teams write to extend the monitoring capabilities of your monitoring and APM tools, there will always be situations that go beyond whatever you have considered. And every line of script that you include in your environment needs to be maintained as systems inevitably get updated, with all the additional documentation and testing requirements that also involves.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could visualize the entire application stack, and see each and every business transaction both at a technical and business process level? With no gaps in visibility. Then you would be able to see instantly the impact of every system on the user experience, and instead of blame-storming you would be in control. It would feel like you were the general in the tent on the hill, sipping wine and looking down at the battle. You would be able to instantly see the impact on the field of battle of every decision you made.

You would truly be in command and in control.

You can have this!