Illegal activity has progressed to the digital world, at the speed of e-business. Today it may well be the biggest industry sector out there. Stealing personal information and selling this on illicit dark websites is big business, as is creating and selling techniques to phish, deliver illicit payloads, and of course creating the illicit payloads themselves (trojans, viruses, ransomware etc.).

If you run a web server, then you know just how many targeted attacks you are seeing daily, with automated attempts to break through logins with randomized sets of common passwords associated with randomized sets of common login names. Leaving blog entries with weaponized content that infects those who read the blog is becoming more common. If you receive requests from people you don’t know to post content on your blog, be suspicious.

As a business you will have a published series of email addresses for prospects and customers to leave you messages. You may even be automatically forwarding these messages to a group of people to review. Many hacking attempts use these email addresses to push dangerous links within companies. Make sure that everyone who gets these messages is secure and trained.

Business Applications have become increasingly complex, and the pathways that a user’s request may take through systems will vary depending on many criteria. But there will be normal and abnormal ways, and an intelligent approach to security is to identify what is normal and to alert your security team when anything abnormal occurs.

Machine learning based artificial intelligence (M.L. A.I.) is the core of A.I. Ops, and it can be used to identify unusual behavior from a security perspective.   If an application is accessed out of the usual sequence, this is worth investigating, and AIOps provides a way of alerting the team to this while masking out false positives. It can be hard and expensive to build a process that creates the relationship maps between all the components in an application stack, but Nastel has developed a way of making this process automatic, fast and simple.


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