Those who wish to harm your business are the proverbial needle in a haystack, and it’s been much easier to be the needle and hide than to be those hunting through the hay. Being small in a large environment makes it much easier to be sneaky.

But there are some complex indicators of intrusion that are impossible to hide. And we are using these to identify security anomalies in new ways.

Every interaction with every computer program can be measured, and however subtle, the activities of hackers (or intruders) can be recognized as an anomaly.

For example if a program is accessed without passing through the normal pathway of access, such as through the website and through normal login processes this may be unusual, as would a user accessing a program either that they don’t normally access or at a time or from a place they don’t normally access it.

If a normal user accesses programs in the order A-B-C-D-E and is now accessing these same programs in the order C-A-B-E-D this may be important.

When you monitor everything across the infrastructure, platforms, middleware and applications and use artificial intelligence-based machine learning to identify signals in the data which are then automatically analyzed by more levels of artificial intelligence to weed out false positives you have a new level of automated security.

This is exactly what Nastel is delivering today for many companies, and because we uniquely  and intelligently read the contents of the middleware messages passing between and across applications, we can automatically weave together all of the elements of each users engagements into completely visible transactions that can be monitored from beginning to end.

Nastel combines APM (Application Performance Management) with MIM (middleware and Infrastructure Management) with ITOA (IT Operational Analytics) with AIOps (Artificial Intelligence Operations) into something bigger than the sum of these parts, and delivers it at a fraction of the cost of building solutions using these individual parts.

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