Is APM limiting your IT innovation?

The aspiration of APM has always been to describe IT as Business, but for many companies this has failed to materialize, because the complexity of describing the workflows, decisions and procedures that make up the business processes has proven to be too complex for the systems being employed to do it. When synthesized down to [...]

Applying Bayes Theorem to a Big Data World

Bayes Theorem One of the challenges in analyzing Big Data is of course its volume - there is just so much of it. Then mix in high velocity, or Fast Data and standard analytical methodologies to make sense of it breakdown, and become cumbersome and ineffective. Machine learning techniques that self-adjust and improve over time [...]

Infographic: Do your critical business metrics go in the wrong direction?

Cut costs, improve productivity, and resolve problems faster with APM solutions by Nastel. As system complexity continues to increase, often times, monitoring software can't keep up. Business metrics tend to suffer, and the mean time to resolution increases, failures occur more often, and operations are left in the dark as a result. Nastel has APM [...]

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The history of technology is one of abstraction

In the 1970’s a CPU such as the Z80 held about 8500 transistors, and in the 1980’s an 8086 processor held around 29,000 transistors, Todays top end CPU’s hold close to 20 Billion transistors. Systems used to contain 1000 bytes of Ram, today’s desktops generally contain 16,000,000,000 or more of RAM. Secondary storage of 10 [...]

Why Classic Monitoring Is Not Enough

"Round up the usual suspects." Monitoring your IT systems continues to be a critical part of ensuring that your business runs. But is it enough? With the continually increasing complexity of IT systems, many businesses struggle to ensure that everything continues to operate at levels that the customers demand. Monitoring systems generally track some or [...]

Is it reasonable to change the measure if you can’t achieve a goal?

Mark Twain is quoted as having said “There are Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics”. I’ve worked in IT for over three decades, and is still amazes me that an executive will set a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal), only to have people several levels down in an organization try to wheedle out of it by [...]

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The Evolution of Monitoring

It’s time for a better way to drive real improvement the MTBF and MTTR for business applications.

The seven words that everyone knows and loves

If there is one thing you can guarantee you will hear from the leadership of your company it’s these seven words: “Do more with what you already have”. And it is sound advice. Before you spend anything on new stuff, different stuff or in-fact anything, you need to make sure that you are doing everything [...]

Are you being courted by a buggy-whip vendor?

There was a time when buggy-whips were the height of technology. If you wanted your horse and cart to go faster, you invested in a better buggy-whip. And then came the automobile, and all of a sudden buggy-whips were obsolete; It really doesn’t matter how hard you whack a lump of iron exploding the remains [...]

Transaction tracking vs message tracking

First let’s define simply what messages and transactions are: A message is an electronic instance of data that was sent from one place to another A transaction is the processing of a user’s request throughout the entire application stack. Messages are point to point, while transactions weave through the multitude of systems and business processes [...]