Predictive analytics, Blockchain, Big data AI and Machine learning are the technologies shaping the new business world.Currently, different types of businesses use predictive analytics like the financial services where this is majorly their life force, other business like e-commerce stores and online video streaming services all of these businesses have enjoyed the sweet power of predictive analytics.

Predictive analytics is just another modern marketing tool, knowing that prediction is of no use if significant meaning cannot be translated from a large data set.

The fun part is that many software companies are beginning to come up with interesting ways on how to make these technologies interesting by making them quite interactive and user-friendly and this is changing how we sell, do business and even portray brands.

Big data is the word associated with most corporations having limitless data sets and information, data can be easily generated and when things go well they can grow at a quantum rate which could translate into a mess if not properly organized. However, interesting and beautiful solutions are popping around all corners due to data growth, forcing scientists to come up with even more brilliant algorithms and entrepreneurs more ground breaking solutions. As data creation and consumption grows, it only indicates that there is more data evolution to come.

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