Rescuing Food, with a Hand From the Cloud“We are leveraging the Cloud to solve operational challenges with technology,” said James Safonov, head of information technology at City Harvest. “It is strategic in terms of solving operational challenges, instead of figuring out how to keep the lights on.”

And the challenges are many. With a fleet of 22 trucks, including two tractor-trailers, City Harvest drivers rescue 55 million pounds of excess food each year from farms, grocers, restaurants and manufacturers and deliver it free of charge to 500 soup kitchens, food pantries and other community food programs.

With new mobile apps currently rolling out to drivers and the agencies it serves, City Harvest is gaining the ability to share real-time data down the line. When drivers arrive at a pick up stop, they can know exactly what is available for pick up, and they can decide where to deliver any fresh food that needs immediate drop off, while alerting the food pantry of exactly what food to expect.

Thanks to the Cloud, “we can make decisions quickly,” said Safonov.


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