Your customer experience initiative needs to live within your overall strategy rather than just in your marketing messages.

So You Say You Have a Customer Experience Strategy?

I spend almost all of my time helping companies with their customer experience strategy. Operational customer experience management (OCEM) takes strategy and embeds it into daily operations making it come to life every day. Bear with me while I walk through strategy and then give you a simple and powerful pathway to delivering on yours.      

In my opinion, the top minds on strategy are Richard Rumelt at UCLA Anderson School of Business, and Michael Porter and Cynthia Montgomery, both at Harvard Business School. All are accomplished authors and thought leaders with tight similarity in how they think and communicate strategy.    

  • Rumelt: Strategy is problem solving.
  • Porter: Strategy is differentiation.
  • Montgomery: Strategy is your system of advantage.
  • Combined: Your system of advantage that solves a problem for your customer in a way that is materially different than your competitor’s system.

Your customer experience initiative needs to live within your overall strategy.

The heavy lifting in strategy is making it come to life throughout your organization and not to let it just become a marketing message.

Tying it all together looks something like this. First, you must ask what problem am I solving? The answer: To help every member make exercise a habitThis is a hard problem to solve and, therefore, it is worth a lot more money if you can do it. An important note on this: If you are simply attracting people that already have an exercise habit, then you are not solving this problem. You don’t get to take credit for the people that already have a habit.

So what key elements need to come together in a cohesive way to solve this problem?

  • Plant and equipment
  • Exercise programming
  • Marketing
  • Human systems (position descriptions, compensation etc.)
  • Staff training and development
  • Member-facing processes
  • Policy design
  • Customer engagement technology

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