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Join Nastel at Gartner Symposium

Nastel will be in booth #404 at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2013, October 7th - 10th.  Please stop by our booth, #404 to enter a drawing for a Tablet, spin our wheel and try to win some cool prizes and talk to our experts on Application Performance Monitoring (APM). We will demonstrate AutoPilot's capabilities for Self-service, Preemptive [...]

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The user community reviews Nastel AutoPilot

There have been some very positive user reviews of Nastel AutoPilot posted in the online tech community review site, IT Central Station.   The reviews were written by actual users, audited by IT Central Station for authenticity. The reviewers themselves ranged in title from an IT Administrator up to the VP level. Some snippets are [...]

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Proactive Monitoring and the Super Bowl

I watched the Super Bowl last night and like you, I was  amazed at the blackout that occurred after half-time.  Was it due to Beyoncé’s incendiary performance that drew all the current out of the power supplies?  It might be nice to think so…but, I suppose not.  Where were the backup systems?  Did they also [...]

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The New Year Blog and the Legend of the Ant Olympics

I think that beginnings and endings are very important  as they frame our experiences, clarify their meaning and put them in context.  This is true both personally and also in our Application Performance Management market Since, we are starting a New Year, a beginning, I have of course, made a New Year’s resolution.  My resolution [...]

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Time is Money

I don’t know of anyone that looks forward to balancing their checking account.  If you actually do it and don’t just rely on hope that the money won’t run out before you finish spending, you might find a discrepancy.  Was it your fault or an error by the bank?  Of course, it’s the bank’s error.  [...]

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APM Fade Away? NO WAY!

Recently an article came out stating that APM was going the way of the space shuttle.  Too expensive, outdated, not needed and so on.  There were statistics given indicating that APM products were growing out of favor as well.  Balderdash! […]

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The Sky’s the Limit

It should come as no surprise, but when a company misses on consistently delivering quality service to its customers, customer satisfaction and sales will suffer resulting in order abandonment, customer attrition and ultimately brand erosion. […]

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