Big Data

How Big Data Analytics Is Solving Big Advertiser Problems

Big data can help make sense of the information gathered, such as retention cost, average transaction value and even customer satisfaction. After several years of cautious enthusiasm, the marketing and advertising technology sector is now embracing big data in a big way. That’s the good news. The obstacle is that most companies and brands still [...]

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The real promise of regulatory technology

The real promise of regulatory technology The future of banking is algorithmic. Bringing together big data and predictive analytics is already enabling financial service providers to make better real-time decisions on loans and other products, with a more flexible, customer-centric user experience. But if banking can be algorithmic, what about financial regulation and supervision? Financial [...]

Why management is key to leveraging the power of big data

As big data continues to expand, companies are faced with both new opportunities and challenges. Businesses can uncover new insights or strategies with big data, but they have to take care not to be overwhelmed by the mountains of information. As any data expert can tell you, a smaller amount of organized, smart data is [...]

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Digital transformation and customer experience

Digital transformation and customer experience – how data mining and big data analytics improve customer understanding Data Mining and Big Data Analytics are key to improve customer understanding Companies must truly understand their customers to offer them the best possible experience. But how do you get to know them? The answer is Data Mining and [...]

Why Deep Learning Will Revolutionize The Tech Industry

Data analysis tools like deep learning, top-down reporting and stream processing which may be used to produce detailed reports in real time are all responsible for numerous changes in the way that businesses conduct their everyday operations. Big data techniques and analytics may be used to generate valuable insight regarding the effectiveness of policy changes [...]

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The Impact of Big Data & Analytics in Football

Football is a booming business. You only have to look at the latest TV deal, worth £5.14bn to see how hot it really is. Football clubs are seeing an unprecedented influx of money and are trying to ensure they stay at the top, to make sure they turn this windfall into a regular income. This [...]

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New Ways to Reach Millennials by Using Big Data Analytics

New Ways to Reach Millennials by Using Big Data Analytics: From politicians to businesses, it feels like we can't escape one discussion or another about the millennials. It's vital, then, for people in business leadership roles to ensure that they understand the mentality of this growing sector of the population in order to better understand [...]

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A Big Market For Big Data – An Outlook on 2017

Big Data analytics and Business Intelligence are both fueling the growth of Enteprises all over the world, and also getting heavy investment within the Big Data market. The ability to gain insights laying dormant in unstructured data is enabling organizations to compete and constantly improve in spaces where they weren’t able to realize their potential. Companies around the world are [...]

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Fast Data, Fast Monitoring – From Big Data to Fast Data

Today, the key to leveraging data effectively is to do fast data. In a similar fashion, traditional incident management-which entails collecting and analyzing large volumes of monitoring information-is no longer enough. Organizations must also now do "fast monitoring," which means not only collecting monitoring data; but making it actionable in real-time. Very simply put, fast [...]

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