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Goodbye to a Competitor

Unusual for a company’s demise, OpTier quietly disappeared without press fanfare or news reports.  According to Gartner Analyst Jonah Kowall, they ceased operations in May 2014. Over the years, we crossed paths with them many times, competing in large deals some of which we won and some we lost.  We both had NY offices, traded employees [...]

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The best view, is a unified view

Many enterprises utilize middleware as the “glue” linking their application infrastructure together. This application fabric is usually comprised of bespoke and commercial applications, some of which are sourced within the company and others obtained through acquisition. For these enterprises, middleware lets it all work together. Unfortunately, the middleware solutions are often used on a department [...]

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7 Ways APM Can Prevent Profit Drain

Routines—we all depend on them. When we don't, not much gets accomplished. The same can be said of IT. If we don't establish certain protocols, routines if you will, applications run amok. Business processes are interrupted and the business fails to accomplish its goals.

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Childhood Games Form the Basis of Transaction Stitching

Building puzzles requires identifying the location of each piece. One usually starts with the pieces whose location is most obvious, the corners, and then the process of building the puzzle proceeds by finding the pieces next to these corner pieces, and so on. Usually, people work on one puzzle at a time....This process is similar to how transactions are stitched together. Except instead of a manual, user-driven process this is done through automation....

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