Big Data Analytics Provides a Golden Opportunity for Banks

Banks and financial institutions are constantly collecting our personal data whenever we transact with them. The result being that these organizations hold vast amounts of data, often lying dormant. In recent years banks and credit unions especially, have started to wake up and are mining this data to extract behavioral and spending information. However, this [...]

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An executive’s guide to software development

In his 2013 message to GE shareholders, CEO Jeffrey R. Immelt wrote, “We believe that every industrial company will become a software company.” Last year, he doubled down, moving GE’s corporate headquarters from Fairfield, Connecticut, to Boston, in large part to lure world-class software engineers in the area. GE is not alone in upping its [...]

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How Analytics Is Aiding Banking Compliance

Regulations are costly and time consuming for banks, and they need to stay on top of their data. Banks struggled to put this information together, highlighting a complacency and malaise that likely exacerbated the problems of the crisis. Lehman Brothers’ collapse heralded the beginning of a new era of regulations, though, with Dodd Frank, which [...]

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Balancing Agility And Risk At US Bank

Balancing Agile and Risk Mitigation As a heavily regulated financial institution, U.S. Bank is rightfully risk-adverse. Nevertheless, it must balance day-to-day operational risk with the strategic risk inherent in not changing quickly enough, and thus losing its competitiveness in today’s turbulent digital environment. Achieving this balance depends in large part on the software development organization, [...]

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The 3 Compliance Questions to Ask

As companies move to cloud, they require more certainty around export compliance. Of the many complexities associated with cloud computing, export compliance laws arguably are some of the thorniest. From a legal and technical perspective, the export compliance laws currently on the books—as they vary from country to country—can make even the savviest and most [...]

Seven points to understand about cloud security

For example, real-time monitoring and enforcement of policies can not only address performance and reliability issues before the problems become serious but they can also detect and mitigate potential compliance issues. Automating in this way reduces... By recognizing and addressing the specific risks associated with use of cloud solutions, companies can overcome their fears and shift from a strategy [...]

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Healthcare security and HIPAA: Why compliance and security are still lacking

A number of healthcare data breaches have made the news of late, particularly involving large insurance companies and data clearinghouses. As the media portrays the situation, our private health information is leaking to the outside world at an alarming rate. Based on Bitsite's recently-released Third Annual Industry Benchmark Report, we should not be surprised. Based [...]

Security and Compliance Issues Expected to Use One-Third of IT Budgets

Unfortunately for many organizations, the best security and compliance tools don't come cheap. Nor will these security essentials become less expensive in the future, as hackers' techniques become more sophisticated. A new Gartner study reveals that in order to protect against growing cybersecurity threats, typical IT organizations will likely spend up to 30 percent of [...]

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3 “Rs” Of Monitoring Dodd-Frank Trade Reporting in Real-time

Dodd-Frank Trade Reporting isn't coming ... it's here. February 28, 2013 was the date that Major Swap Participants (MSPs) were required to begin reporting equity, foreign exchange and other commodity swaps. And this is just the beginning of a series of milestones in the regulation that was designed to prevent future "too big to fail [...]

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Real-time Compliance Monitoring at SIFMA

Nastel will be at SIFMA in NYC  June 18-19, booth #1207. We will demonstrate our solution for real-time monitoring of Dodd-Frank Trade Reporting compliance.   The solution use message tracking across WebSphere MQ, Message Broker, DataPower, TIBCO and other environments to present the lifecyle of a reportable trade, in real-time.   If you are at [...]