What is Middleware?

People ask me regularly what is middleware?   Like the plumbing in your house, it’s easy to see the external interfaces.  Where and how it goes after that is a bit of a mystery and you normally aren’t concerned.   That is, until something goes wrong and you have a leak in your ceiling.   The more complex [...]

3 Ways to Solve App Performance Problems with Transaction Tracking

Transaction Tracking can provide tremendous insight into the performance and behavior of applications. However, this can be challenging when transactions traverse platforms and technologies.  Often it can be similar to tracking someone in the old Westerns where you follow the trail to the river and then lose track of where they went next.  Tracking MQ [...]

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4 Key Benefits from Using Self-Service for IBM MQ – Part 2 of 3

[This is Part 2 of a 3 part series. Catch-up with part 1, here.] Drivers for MQ Self-Service In Part I, we discussed the extensive interest in MQ Self-Service.  This interest is due to a number of factors, including:  the shrinking size of middleware staff, growing workloads and increasing application complexity. At the same time [...]

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4 Key Benefits from Using Self-Service for IBM MQ” Part 1 of 3

The concept of self-service has evolved over many years.  It has led to very important innovations and technology in many industries in the way we work and live.  Until the earliest 20th century, people who went shopping were entirely dependent on clerks.  They would go to a store and give a list of items that [...]

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Top 5 Performance Problems in .NET Applications

This article builds on these topics by reviewing five of the top performance problems you might experience in your .NET application. Specifically this article reviews the following: There are times in your application code when you want to ensure that only a single thread can execute a subset of code at a time. Read the [...]

Rewarding Impatience with User Self-Service

There seems to be a direct correlation between how successful business professionals are and their level of impatience. While I am not familiar with any studies on this particular subject, it is simple logic that the most productive employees are those who most frequently demand rapid response to service requests. Read the source article at [...]

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Performance Monitoring Fixes

America runs on quick fixes and convenience. For many of us, the faster something gets done, the better. It began with fast food restaurants and continues today with self checkout lines at the grocery store, instant social media feedback, and Uber. Instant gratification has become the norm. Read the source article at Home | SYS-CON [...]

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Mobile Middleware Market Projected to $6500 Million by 2019

Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/24/2015 -- According to new market research report "Mobile Middleware Market by Enterprise Applications (ERP, CRM, Legacy applications), by Services (Messaging, Remote procedure call, Resource Discovery, Security ... Read the source article at Digital Journal

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What to expect from application performance monitoring tools

Without effective performance management, applications suffer response time delays, anger customers and ruin employee productivity. Trial-and-error troubleshooting and poor visibility into problems cause outages. Both situations make key business functions effectively unavailable for long periods of time, choking off the sales and production cycle.  

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Global middleware messaging market shares and forecasts to 2019 explored in

Worldwide markets are poised to achieve significant growth as middleware messaging becomes the foundation for cloud computing and enterprise participation in mobile markets. Mobile device messaging and messaging for the Internet of things are driving ... Read the source article at WhaTech

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