Why MSPs Need Monitoring, Data Analytics and Log Aggregation

As an IT managed services provider, you supply infrastructure and support services to your clients. But do you also deliver monitoring and analytics? If not, you should. Here's why. It's easy to think of a managed service as something that includes just implementation and support. But that's a mistake. There's more to consider than just [...]

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The 4 Key Benefits of Application Performance Management

Here are four ways Application Performance Management can benefit your IT organization: 1. Gain Visibility Into Apps Across Your Entire Technology Stack When properly designed and implemented, APM will provide you with the right levels of SPM transparency. You’ll gain visibility into how your applications are performing across your entire technology stack — whether they’re [...]

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What you need to know about application performance monitoring tools

More complex, more distributed and more dynamic than ever before, the modern IT environment needs application performance management (APM) that matches its agility. Inadequate application performance can directly affect a business, hurting brand image or cutting into revenue as customers struggle to complete transactions. Embrace APM: Be proactive APM is evolving and growing rapidly, shifting from the [...]

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6 Key Requirements to Help You More Proactively Monitor Your IT Infrastructure

It's not an overstatement to say that application performance can have a very real and significant impact on business performance. Employees expect and count on immediate access to applications to get work done — no matter what time it is, where they're located or what device they're using. And it's no secret that customers are [...]

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Security, Network Performance Among Top IT Concerns

The top challenges for IT teams in the year ahead include security, network and application performance and monitoring and new technology. More than half of IT pros that indicated security issues were their top concern specified breaches, malware, ... Read the source article at

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How to select the best network monitoring tool

An important part of any network administrator's job is to monitor the network for performance, traffic usage, faults and availability, and to respond quickly to issues. A network monitoring tool is a software-based or a software-hardware combination ... Read the source article at Networking information, news and tips

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Measuring and Monitoring: Apps and Stacks

One of the charter responsibilities of DevOps (because it's a charter responsibility of ops) is measuring and monitoring applications once they're in production. That means both performance and availability. Which means a lot more than folks might initially think because generally speaking what you measure and monitor is a bit different depending on whether you're [...]

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4 ways to radically improve app monitoring with DevOps

Once a company begins usinga DevOps mindset to run and deliver its applications, process inefficiencies can become obvious. Companies begin to realize that whileproduct innovations are shipped to production faster, and value is delivered to customers quicker, operational problems become more frequent and eventually slow down innovation. Its at this point that organizations begin to [...]

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Where Is Your Focus For Memory Leak Detection?

*&%#* The system is running slow again!  Now what? Is there a space hog application sucking up all my resources?  Did we just crash? No, must not say that word…must not say that word…  …still running, just sloooowly.  I wonder if anything new has been installed… Nice if they told me. I overheard that something [...]

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