Making a Happy Marriage of WebSphere & TIBCO Infrastructures (Part 1 of 6)

(First of a six-part blog series that describes how a team of IT pros and managers at one of the world’s largest global banks accommodated a bank acquisition and mastered a complex messaging environment.) In the beginning, there was darkness… Ok, I’m being a bit overly dramatic. What was happening in New York a couple [...]

Self-service, the DIY for WebSphere

  The DIY (do it yourself) movement while ageless, is experiencing a rising tide of popularity possibly due the economy’s lethargic performance.  You can judge it’s popularity yourself, just based on the number of cable channels dedicated to building anything from a bookshelf to an entire new house.  Homeowners needing to do more with less [...]

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Impact 2013 – Nastel will demonstrate its solutions for real-time monitoring of WebSphere

Nastel will be in booth z2 at IBM Impact 2013 in Las Vegas from April 28th - May 2nd and will be demonstrating our solutions for real-time monitoring and management of WebSphere and other applications. Please stop by our booth and say hello. We are also sponsoring a session: How Technology is used at a Customer [...]

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Where are YOU in the Queue?

Since the early versions of WebSphere MQ, IBM has traditionally delivered a new release about every 2-3 years.  With 2 releases of WebSphere MQ in the last 6 months, it does make you take notice.  Nastel recently did a TechTalk and published a white paper on 7.1 and 7.5 which went into more details on [...]

What’s new, MQ?

Are you tossing and turning at night trying to wrap your head around the new features WebSphere MQ 7.1 and 7.5? If this describes you, well you’re in luck. Our Tech Talk series continues with our 2nd event, “What's New in WebSphere MQ 7.1 and 7.5.” Please listen to the on-demand recording of our recent [...]

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Help Find My Lost Payment

What happens if a payment doesn’t arrive on time or fails during the transaction? How quickly can your organization react before this becomes a costly error to the business? What can you do now to ensure this does not become a reoccurring problem? As technology continues to evolve, middleware-centric enterprises can use middleware monitoring tools [...]

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Architectural Insights for Deploying WMQ

WebSphere MQ 7 is an impressive piece of software. Not only is it easy to install on most platforms, but it is also easy to setup with default options. However, if we look at the options offered to us while setting up Websphere MQ and Queue Managers, we will see a lot of flexibility that can help take advantage of a user's environment.

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