Communication and Application Performance Monitoring

I think that beginnings and endings are very important  as they frame our experiences, clarify their meaning and put them in context.  This is true both personally and also in our Application Performance Management market Since, we are starting a New Year, a beginning, I have of course, made a New Year’s resolution.  My resolution is to not have any resolutions.  But…if I did… it would be to focus on communication.  Without good communication, small issues can escalate into big problems and customers can be impacted.  This could mean monitoring, but perhaps monitoring the wrong things. A good example of a communication mishap occurred recently when I asked Richard Nikula, our VP of Engineering and Support to put together a short description of “Analytics in AutoPilot”…however, I received the following…

So what’s all of the fuss around the “Ant Olympics”?  I mean seriously, do we really need a sporting event for ants?

We know they are strong and I am sure the weight lifting categories could be quite exciting.   The individual events on the other hand could be quite a challenge.  Since most ants look so alike, we can anticipate that cheating will occur.  And having 30,000 contestants for each event would be a nightmare.

Who wants to see wrestling ants or ants doing floor exercises?  Come to think of it, who wants to see anyone doing floor exercises?  Ants on a balance beam, that could be interesting, they aren’t likely to fall off, but what kind of moves can we expect?   But… the image of ants on a trapeze does make me smile.

Ants seem to like baseball; at least I have seen a lot of ants at the ball field.

Swimming events are probably a bit mean; ants are not known for enjoying water sports.  It brings to mind that scene from the movie “Ants” where the bad ants try to flood out the good ants.  Can you imagine the water polo match?  All of the ants will be gathered on the ball, just to stay out of the water.

Another event that is probably going to be a disaster is basketball (I think you can see where that would end up and it’s not a pretty sight).

Maybe if they introduce some new events, like ‘escape the bird’, or ‘find the sugar’, then it could be fun.

Of course, the winter Olympics would be even less exciting, since all of the ants would be hibernating and/or frozen.

I think if we want to introduce animals into Olympics, that horses or dogs would be a better place to start, not ants.  They already have their own events so we could just expand it.  Or add more exotic animals to the regular Olympics like ‘hide from the tiger’ or ‘hold your breath longer than a whale’.

That, I would pay to watch.

Oh “Analytics”!!!  I misread the subject for this blog…  Never mind!!!  In my next blog, I will look at analytics in more detail, stay tuned.  Why the picture of Space Ship Two at the beginning of the blog…no reason, I just liked it.