The Reasons Projects To Improve Application Performance Fail

There are a number of reasons that projects to develop and/or improve application performance fail. Here are the ones I hear about most often, and how Nastel can help avoid these situations.

The “shiny-thing” effect.

Most Application Development projects get funding when they get executive sponsorship. But keeping the executive who agreed to fund the project, invested in its eventual success can be tough. Things change, executives change, and unless they are continually reminded of the importance of the project their attention can and will wander.

Using Nastel AutoPilot and Nastel AutoPilot Insight to model and present progress can keep the exec on board.

Ideas that were bigger than the budget.

It can be relatively easy to create an evocative presentation that creates excitement, but if you glossed over some of the detail to get buy-in, this can (and will) come back to bite you.

Using Nastel AutoPilot in the Application architecting and development phases of a project will allow you to know that the project will perform within SLA’s early in the process.

Fell off the tightrope

In an attempt to close deals, some sales and marketing people will say things that lead you to believe their products can do exactly what you need, and once you are committed some of these items can demand huge additional investment to complete. The vendor is relying on the tried and true “Copenhagen syndrome” where an advocate within a customer account once committed to a deal is reluctant to say they made a mistake, and so will work with their counterpart in their supplier business to resolve issues that come to light after the sale had closed, even though these issues create significantly increased risks and costs for the project.

Using Nastel AutoPilot to test assumptions during application design, and confirm those assumptions during development and testing should be a business fundamental.




Nastel Technologies uses machine learning to detect anomalies, behavior and sentiment, accelerate decisions, satisfy customers, innovate continuously.  To answer business-centric questions and provide actionable guidance for decision-makers, Nastel’s AutoPilot® for Analytics fuses:

  • Advanced predictive anomaly detection, Bayesian Classification and other machine learning algorithms
  • Raw information handling and analytics speed
  • End-to-end business transaction tracking that spans technologies, tiers, and organizations
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use data visualizations and dashboards

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