If there is one thing you can guarantee you will hear from the leadership of your company it’s these seven words:

“Do more with what you already have”.

And it is sound advice.

Before you spend anything on new stuff, different stuff or in-fact anything, you need to make sure that you are doing everything you can with the stuff you already have.

But sometimes it isn’t obvious what more you can do with the things you already have, because of the way they are considered within your organization.

Every large enterprise uses complex business applications to engage in the business they are in. These applications will span the whole business, providing everything from inventory management, ERP, payment processing, information collections, storage and dissemination, regulatory compliance, sales reporting, logistics, customer service and manufacturing. And all of these separate systems are brought together by middleware products that manage the flow of communication and ensure that every message is correctly managed, and that business can be enacted.

A side effect of having everything connected by middleware, is that there is now a new source of information about, well everything. If every message can be monitored, you now have a simple way to understand your whole business. Combine middleware monitoring with the monitoring of technology parameters such as networking traffic, ram and processor usage, and you have everything you need to understand your business in multiple perspectives, imagine being able to describe everything from how your technology is performing all the way through to how your users are being serviced, from their perspective, and all points in between.

This is exactly what Nastel offers; by monitoring everything in detail, including every message and queue within the middleware systems, Nastel can provide an unprecedented understanding to your operations and application teams.

And because you already have middleware in your environment, you already have everything you need for Nastel to engage with to provide you with a dramatically more efficient and effective application monitoring solution.

Nastel provides support for all forms of middleware including IBM MQ, IBM DataPower, IBM IIB, IBM ESM, TIBCO EMS, TIBCO RV, Web Methods, Microsoft BisTalk, Apache ActiveMQ, Kafka, Solace and more. And combines this with monitoring of the infrastructure, platforms and applications to deliver a truly holistic understanding of your environment.

Nastel are the recognized global experts in middleware centric monitoring and we have customers across the globe, in every industry from finance, insurance, banking, retail, manufacturing to government agencies and educational systems using Nastel to reduce their mean time to repair (MTTR) and extend their mean time to failure (MTBF). With Nastel you will be predicting future issues and fixing them before they can happen, effectively delivering a negative MTTR and nearly infinite MTBF.

To find out if Nastel is right for you, please visit https://www.nastel.com/application-performance-monitoring/